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Epoxy Resin: Elevate Concrete Sealing Standards

Dive into the power of epoxy resin—your floors' guardian for unmatched strength and enduring allure. Contractors and clients, this is your game-changer.
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Shield your concrete with the epoxy revolution!

Epoxy resin has redefined concrete sealing, and its prowess is undeniable. Dive into why epoxy is stealing the spotlight among clients and contractors alike. If you have concrete floors, leaving them vulnerable is not an option.

That's why epoxy resin is the guardian you need, offering a perfect blend of strength, aesthetics, and durability. Here at Xtreme Polishing Systems, we're experts in flooring. We know what's best for your floors, and with our help, you can protect your or your client's floors for years and years to come. So let's dive in!

Is Epoxy Resin The Ultimate Concrete Sealer?

Epoxy resin competes head-to-head with any concrete sealer in the market, and wins. Its chemical design stands up to every test of strength the experts have thrown at it. From its chemical composition to its seamless, strong finish, epoxy is tailored for concrete sealing.

XPS is here to help you uncover some of epoxy resin's most valued traits.

Floors Engineered for Endurance

A floor is not a short term solution. You need to be able to depend on it for, and with, your life. Unlike sealers prone to heavy degradation over time, epoxy resin sustains its protective qualities for years. That means no regular resealing, no massive and costly re-installations, no hassle.

And if you have specialized concerns you need addressed, epoxy resin is a market full of specialized solutions. The kinds of strength you need in a garage floor aren't the same you'll need around a pool or patio.

Your epoxy resin's performance metrics in strength and resistance can be found in its manual or safety data sheets (SDS). Whether you're a contractor or a client, you should know what loads your epoxy resin is capable of bearing.

Concrete sealer epoxy resin applied to a floor by a professional flooring contractor.

Aesthetic Floors, Tailored to Your Vision

Sometimes, a floor needs to be as beautiful as it is strong`. There aren't many solutions that can fulfill that, but epoxy resin does.

There's a whole world of design options to choose from with epoxy resin. Are you more of a subtle, solid color flooring type of person? Or maybe you want to really show the world your vision with glossy metallic or intricate logos. From everything there to everything in between, epoxy resin has a place in your project!

Epoxy resin manufacturer's build kits for every possible use: from DIY projects to heavy-duty industrial applications. No matter the setting, epoxy's trademark gloss and shine stand out. Go for minimalism or go for maximalism, you'll be protected no matter which path you take!

Recommended Epoxy Resin Products

Your floors are a major investment, and you should be treating them with respect! That means buying strong, quality materials. It doesn't matter if you're a DIY enthusiast, a contractor, or a client, high-quality epoxy resin is always going to be worth the investment you put into it!

  • XPS ECTR Clear Epoxy: Our most versatile solution, built for any everyday epoxy resin project!
  • XPS FC Fast Cure Epoxy: Professionally-crafted polyaspartic solutions that offer the highest protection, with a faster cure! Built to withstand UV exposure, too.
  • XPS Water Based Epoxy:  Eco-friendly, perfect for countertops or wood projects & DIY friendly!

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There's a reason epoxy resin is the most desired flooring solution on the market right now. In fact, there's a lot of reasons! Once you get a chance to own an epoxy floor, or install one yourself, you'll understand exactly why it's considered the premier flooring option for new projects. Don't settle for exposed, vulnerable concrete, get protected today with epoxy resin!

Need on-the-job assistance or professional guidance? Our epoxy network is your #1 resource. Reach out and contact our professionals, and explore the XPS online store for all things epoxy & concrete flooring!