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2023 In Review: Epoxy Resin Beyond Garage Floors

Dive into the epoxy trends of 2023! Contractors, find a new profitable avenue; DIYers, embrace your limitless creativity. Transform spaces with epoxy resin, the ultimate game-changer for home renovation!
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Upgrade your life with these year's epoxy resin trends!


As we bid farewell to 2023, it's time we look back on the spectacular journey of epoxy resin beyond garage floors. Epoxy's got the greatest range of almost any material; DIY projects, major flooring renovations, it can handle everything!

Join us as we explore the hottest interior design trends, from countertops to tabletops, DIY crafts, and more. Contractors, take notes, adding even just one of these services could lead to a massive boost in profits!


Epoxy Resin: Versatility, Beauty, & Strength

Epoxy resin countertop in a place of commercial business featuring a white and black metallic design.

Countertop Elegance:

Reshaping Kitchens with Epoxy Resin


2023 was the year epoxy resin continued to soar with homeowners making major renovations, especially in the kitchen! Say goodbye to costly, labor-intensive stone countertops; epoxy resin is the new sheriff in town.

Contractors, take our advice: you want to learn how to install epoxy resin countertops. It's a minimal investment with exponential opportunity. With a low labor commitment, too, there's no downside to adding epoxy resin countertops to your services! And it's not just for the professionals - DIY enthusiasts revel in epoxy countertops' low investment and stunning results.


Table Talk:

The Artistry of Epoxy Resin Tables


Tabletops took center stage with epoxy resin in 2023. If you follow any DIY or lifehack content on social media, you know how popular epoxy resin river tables have gotten. It's not just because they look beautiful, either!

Epoxy is your chance to buy, or build, a table that's as strong as it is a work of art.  It's a great alternative to natural wood, or stone, or most any other tabletop surface! Epoxy resin is designed to install seamlessly, which means less maintenance for you. So, a safer, sleeker surface, right at your fingertips!

If you're a DIY enthusiast looking to expand your carpentry or resin work into a more profitable venture - epoxy resin tabletops might be just the trick for you!


Crafting Luxury:

DIY Epoxy Resin Projects


DIY enthusiasts, rejoice!

2023 witnessed an explosion of creativity with epoxy resin crafts. From personalized coasters to intricate trinkets, the DIY trend is booming. Enthusiasts around the country - around the world - have realized that epoxy resin is so incredibly versatile, and strong. It's the perfect DIY resource for most any project!

And here at Xtreme Polishing Systems (XPS), we want to be your one-stop shop for epoxy resin DIY kits! Whether it's for a more demanding project like a countertop or tabletop, or just some simple trinkets - our resins are made for you.


Epoxy Floors:

A Labor-Friendly Solution


Contractors, this one's for you! And any homeowners looking to make some major renovations: Epoxy floors redefined the landscape in 2023. This article might be about epoxy resin outside of garage floors, but it's worth emphasizing just how perfect epoxy resin is for flooring.

Epoxy resin guarantees a labor-friendly solution - both in financial and time investments - with unparalleled durability. All it takes is one floor to learn why epoxy resin is trusted more and more every day to support the floors of homes and businesses alike.

Flake epoxy resin garage floors especially are the perfect entryway into the flooring industry. Take your DIY enthusiasm to the next level and make an honest business with limitless upward potential with epoxy resin!



The versatility of epoxy resin reached new heights in 2023. From the smallest DIY trinket to trustworthy flooring renovations, explore the new horizon that epoxy offers. This is a golden age for DIY enthusiasts and contractors alike - no matter your goals, epoxy resin is the foundation you need to build on!

Looking for inspiration for your own renovation project? Or professional advice on how to take your flooring business to the next level? Get in touch with our technicians! Take a look at our Xtreme Polishing Systems (XPS) online store for all things epoxy resin & concrete flooring.