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Start a Business

There is no limit to who has the ability to become a great entrepreneur, however you might not be familiar with the necessary steps to launch your new business venture. An idea doesn't just become a business without your complete effort and absolute dedication. It's important to remember that starting a concrete polishing and/ or epoxy coatings business does not happen overnight. It takes time and research, the reliability of quality products and equipment, your personal knowledge, and of course total self-confidence to successfully start your business, which may seem a bit overwhelming. Our experts at Xtreme Polishing Systems are available to ensure that you make smarter business decisions when taking into consideration wanting to start a new business for installing polished concrete and epoxy coatings applications. Our expert's main goal is for you to be successful with a proven business plan, so we gathered the essential measures to help you develop your start-up business for a successful future.

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Business Development

Are you seeking to implement growth opportunities within your career? Let us help you to learn how to accommodate the proper changes to achieve the most successful results for your business.

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Invest in Yourself

Starting a small business is a flourishing idea in our world today simply because it's an opportunity to design your own career that has the flexibility to grow with you, working toward financial independence, and investing yourself.

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Training Classes

Once you’ve attended the training course, our support does not stop there. After you receive your certification, consulted with your sales rep, and purchased the adequate tooling and equipment, you’re prepared to find work and successfully execute projects.

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Starter Surface Prep & Finishing

Business Packages

Discover the leading innovations in today's polished concrete and epoxy industry with Xtreme Polishing Systems' equipment package solutions. These equipment packages were assembled to supply individuals with the necessary chemicals, powerful machinery, reliable tooling, and resources needed to professionally profile and renew concrete surfaces from start to finish. Our equipment packages have been well researched over time and proven to work, so you are guaranteed to grow and expand your business's revenue. Our diverse and robust selection of concrete machinery is built for success and by bundling you save a great amount of your valuable time and money!