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Understanding the Section 179 Tax Deduction for Qualifying Equipment

When you make a decision to purchase or finance a property, like for example a piece of qualifying equipment, you can get tax deductions for buying and using those pieces of equipment, which can also be referred to as depreciation. Depreciation simply means a reduction in the value of an asset (like equipment) within a period of time it is being used.
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Tax Codes May Provide Tax Deductions

Tax codes may seem confusing, however, these codes are created to help individuals and businesses better understand specific tax rules and laws, while explaining in detail how they apply in different scenarios. So what exactly does Section 179 tax code mean and how could it benefit you? This section allows individuals and businesses to deduct the entire purchase price of qualifying equipment that you purchased or financed during the tax year. That means if you buy (or lease) a piece of qualifying equipment, you can deduct the FULL purchase price from your gross income. This tax code is simply an incentive created by the U.S. government to encourage businesses and the community to invest in themselves by purchasing equipment related to their specific trade.

Qualifying Grinding Equipment

Discover the leading innovations in today's concrete polishing and epoxy coatings industry with a robust piece of qualifying equipment. Our powerful selection of concrete flooring equipment can transform your old or new concrete floors into elegant surfaces, both interior, and exterior. Concrete flooring is favored worldwide for its simplistic beauty and for the expectation of achieving a spectacular shine. By using innovative flooring equipment, reliable tooling, and the proper supplies, while following the necessary steps, you will accomplish a lustrous, exquisite looking floor finish. Then at the beginning of the year when you are doing your taxes, utilize the Section 179 Tax Deduction to deduct the full purchase price from your gross income. Listed below is a series of qualifying equipment:

Concrete Surface Prep Floor Grinding and Polishing Equipment

    • Concrete Genie Floor Grinder, Polisher, and Edger
    • Genie X550 Concrete Genie Floor Grinder
    • Peanut Mammoth Floor Grinder and Polisher
    • Baby Mammoth Floor Grinder and Polisher
    • Baby Mammoth Propane Floor Grinder and Polisher
    • Mammoth Floor Grinder and Polisher
    • Remote Controlled Mammoth Floor Grinder
    • Self-Propelled Mammoth Floor Grinder
    • Scanmaskin World Series Propane Floor Grinder
    • Husqvarna PG 680 Floor Grinder

    Janitorial Surface Maintenance and Floor Care Equipment

    • Genie Magic Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber
    • Genie Presto High-Speed Burnisher and Polisher
    • Genie Presto Pro Floor Burnisher and Polisher
    • Cheetah High-Speed Burnisher and Polisher
    • Onyx JX Black Diamond Propane Floor Burnisher
    • NSS Charger 1500 Floor Burnisher

    Dust Collecting Vacuums and Extraction Equipment

    • Wolf Dust Extractor
    • Dust Control Storm 600 Dust Extractor
    • Dust Control Storm LPG Dust Extractor
    • Ermator T4000 HEPA Dust Extractor
    • Ermator T75000 HEPA Dust Extractor
    • Ermator S36 HEPA Dust Extractor

    Surface Scraping and Floor Removal Equipment

    • Innovatech Terminator Infinity Floor Scraper
    • Innovatech 3000 XME Floor Scraper
    • Innovatech T3000 Floor Scraper (Electric)
    • Innovatech T2200 Floor Scraper (Propane)

    Equipment Financing for Small Business

    Having the proper tools and reliable equipment for the job site can make the difference between winning and losing a bid. To win more bids and more business, you need to upgrade or replace the equipment needed to perform your daily tasks efficiently and safely. Contractor equipment is expensive and large, however, and it's not always possible to pay upfront for new equipment.

    Whether you are looking to replace old equipment or upgrade to new technology, Our financing options offer you a variety of flexible payment options and customizable plans that best fits your operating budget. As a business grows in any industry, upgrades on equipment are necessary and cannot be avoided. We also offer options to add or upgrade equipment at any point during your financing term so you can work at ease.

    Secure equipment quick and easy with Xtreme Polishing Systems concrete surface preparation and polishing equipment financing optionsUpgrade your equipment and free up working capital in the process. One of the greatest obstacles of starting a new business, or owning an existing business, is constantly having to invest in, and upgrade your flooring equipment, especially in such an ever-changing industry such as concrete surface prepEquipment financing helps individuals finance up to 100% of new or used equipment for your precise business needs. Apply Today!

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