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DIY Money Floor Using Clear Resin Epoxy Coatings

Have you been seeking an eccentric way to put money into a floor? Now you can literally do just that with a clear resin epoxy coating. The overall strength and reliability of this industrial material have made epoxy a popular choice amongst commercial contractors, residential homeowners, and craftsmen.

Nothing is More Expensive Than A Missed Opportunity

Epoxy resin coatings applied with currency is an innovative way to protect and display money through a beautiful seamless surface with a captivating gloss guaranteed to attract the attention of your guests and clients while preserving it for many years to come. Please recognize, however, that this is not your typical DIY flooring project and it’s not for everyone. A novel idea such as a currency floor takes persistence, some careful reading, a lot of patience, and of course, money!

Save Money and Money Will Save You

When achieving a currency floor, the first critical step is to measure the square footage of your desired space. Once measured, it’s time to choose the type of currency you want to display on the surface. Your choices range from pennies, quarters, nickels, dimes, foreign money, and paper bills. Once decided, it’s up to you to begin the tedious process of saving and collecting this money (unless it’s already in your possession and available for application). This process takes major commitment and a little bit of sacrifice, however, there is no need to worry. The finished surface will be a continuous reminder as to why your personal commitment and sacrifice was well worth your hard work.

Time is Money, So Make it Happen

  1. Coin currency, such as pennies may contain a dull and dingy surface, so people may choose to clean their money before starting the process. This step is simply based on personal preference and is not at all required, but there is certainly no harm in polishing them to look brand new. Be sure to allow your coins to dry completely before starting the next step. If you chose paper bill currency for your surface than this step does not apply to you.
  2. Next, you must ensure that the substrate is flat, smooth, and clean before applying your money resin coating. If the substrate is uneven, you will be required to sand the surface before you can begin cleaning the surface. Xtreme Clean Concrete Cleaner is a concentrated, low VOC, multi-purpose cleaner that adequately removes dirt and debris from surfaces and is recommended by our experts for concrete surface preparation. A mild degreaser can also be used to clean the surface as another alternative.
  3. Once the surface is clean and has completely dried, it’s time to officially begin the application process. If you are applying coin currency than you will need to use a durable adhesive material (or glue) to evenly secure the coins in place. If you are interested in putting your creativity to the test instead of putting your coin currency side by side, switch it up, and create abstract patterns and designs with your placement. Regardless of the design you choose, this is still a very tedious process and takes a considerable amount of patience to complete it, so be sure to clear your mind before starting and do not neglect yourself from taking a break when you need to. This will ensure that you have a leveled headspace and is calm through the entire process, which may ultimately prevent additional errors from occurring. If you chose paper bills as your choice of currency than this step does not apply to you.
  4. Once your coins are set in place and the glue has completely dried, you have a choice to fill the small grout lines that are in between your coins with an industrial grout filler. This step is not required and is based on personal preference. Once you have made your decision, it’s time to proceed with properly mixing your epoxy resin coating. By simply following the product manufacturer’s instructions, you will then pour the clear resin mixture over your coin currency floor and adequately spread the epoxy resin material with a magic squeegee trowel. This application tool is specifically designed for industrial coatings like epoxy and will assist in yielding a smooth, flat, and durable surface. If you chose paper bills for your currency than you will instead combine your bills with your resin mixture and mix thoroughly. Once it has been properly mixed, you will then pour the entire mixture onto the desired surface. This application will also require using a magic squeegee trowel to spread to coating.
  5. After the epoxy money resin coating is applied and properly cures (12-24 hours), your floor surface will produce a beautiful, glass-like shimmer that is guaranteed to catch everyone’s attention. If you prefer additional protection for your surface, apply a protective clear top coat over your finished (cured) surface for added preservation against harmful UV radiation and scratch resistance.

Money Talks

Currency floors may be uncommon, but they provide an opportunity for individuals to explore their creative DIY skills. Also, money resin coatings can be applied to more than just your floor surfaces. Apply a money resin coating to surfaces like tabletops, coasters, place mats, countertops, walls, bar tops, and other furniture. Please note, if you choose a smaller surface like a counter or bar top, be sure to have additional plastic tarp available to help prevent damage from happening to your floors or other objects that may be around. For those who may not have the extra funds accessible to achieve a finish like this, there is no need to be concerned or feel left out! Other unique objects can be embedded into your resin mixture instead of just currency. These objects may include crushed glass, wood shavings, bottle tops, pebbles, and other unique items for a truly one of a kind, eccentric surface finish!


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