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Epoxy Resin Classes

XPS Europe, located in United Kingdom, offers epoxy classes for installing epoxy flooring or epoxy resin countertops or worktops. Upon completing our extensive 3-day epoxy training program, you will be certified to install Xtreme Polishing System's epoxy products and create works of art with the variety of color schemes that our epoxy color additives offer.

Tradesman Training

Epoxy Resin Classes

Gain the ability to create custom designer epoxy resin flooring options for your clients, from standard epoxy colorants to multiple metallic epoxy effects. Hone your skills with Xtreme Polishing Systems in the UK, in our decorative epoxy resin training course, specifically designed to provide you with in-depth knowledge and problem-solving know-how to ensure that each floor coating installation runs smoothly. You will not only be guided through each step of applying self-leveling epoxy flooring systems but also the proper procedural steps to prevent common signs of improper epoxy resin installation.

Our epoxy training class is unique in that our students train hands-on with machinery and products used to complete an epoxy flooring installation from start to finish, rather than simply working on sample boards. Whether you want to install residential decorative epoxy flooring or commercial flooring, our intense 3-day epoxy training course will build your knowledge and confidence, enabling you to competitively bid on jobs in the market.

Hands-on Epoxy Resin Classes | Xtreme Polishing Systems Europe

Tradesman Classes

Learn Hands-On

Receive hands-on epoxy resin training from highly skilled artists in the epoxy floor coatings industry. Learn the art of pouring epoxy, advance your skill set, and start a successful epoxy floor coatings business. Anyone attending this course can rest assured that XPS epoxy trainers are experienced and equipped with the skills to install decorative resin flooring systems to the highest standards. Epoxy flooring is currently one of the fastest-growing markets in the epoxy resin sector. By mastering the art of epoxy resin, you are positioning your business ahead of the curve and getting in at an early stage in the game!

What to Expect

Epoxy Coating Certification Training Class


 During this time, you will learn how to do moisture testing, use moisture barriers, do flooring repair and leveling, use primers and base coats, what tools and equipment you need, and how to estimate pricing for a job.

Epoxy Class Curriculum

Concrete testing may not be a common occurrence and may even appear inconvenient. However, when problems or queries arise on projects, the comparatively low cost of testing quickly pays for itself. When a contractor assesses the qualities of concrete, they are in a better position to respond to any issues that arise, such as low strength or cracking. Data from concrete tests, such as water and air content, can help identify potential problems and direct the troubleshooting process. Was there a lot of water? Was the amount of oxygen in the air too high or too low? During this course, you will learn everything you need to know regarding concrete testing.

For a good bond to concrete, it is important to prepare the surface beforehand. It is crucial that you complete this essential first step in the process or you will encounter major problems. Furthermore, there is no permanent fix for slab cracks, however, there is a multitude of concrete repair methods to help assist with these types of tasks.

There is a wide variety of products that can be selected for addressing important concrete floor resurfacing tasks. Choosing the most professional concrete and epoxy supplies, materials, and equipment will help with preventing future matters.

Choosing the right tools and equipment that is specifically designed for residential, commercial, or industrial projects is key to achieving beautiful finishes. Having the proper tooling and equipment that's built to last is so influential to your success and to impending business expenses which will save you a substantial amount of money forthcoming.

Floor cleaning and surface maintenance is the process of physically removing dirt, grime, debris, and other substances from a surface. Cleaning is a critical step to quickly remove surface contaminants and to prevent slip and fall accidents. Utilizing chemical solutions and machinery gives you the ability to clean spaces quickly and efficiently, in return significantly reducing the risk of spreading infection.

Custom vinyl floor prints for concrete surfaces are an easy and affordable solution to customizing the surface of your concrete floors. Learning logo applications is a bold and creative way to utilize the surface of your concrete floors to offer a professional signature for businesses and organizations.

Learn how to pour epoxy, advance your skillset, and open a successful epoxy floor coatings business equipped with the skills to install decorative resin flooring systems to the highest standards. Epoxy flooring is the most rapidly growing market in the epoxy resin sector today. By learning the art of epoxy resin, you are establishing your business ahead of the curve and at an early stage in the game!

By possessing an arsenal of design techniques you can bridge the difference between your client’s vision and the reality of a project. Today, the clients who present their inquiries are more sophisticated with their personal preferences. Needless to say, they expect more. Plain gray concrete is simply no longer good enough for them.


You can sign up for the certification training classes by calling +44 161 524 1151

Tradesmen Trusted

the art of epoxy resin

Jon Keegan and his team deliver resin training courses that have been developed by tradesmen with extensive experience in the epoxy coatings industry and are among the best in the field! Unlike many other epoxy resin courses in the United Kingdom, a significant benefit of completing one of our courses is that our experts are on hand and ready to assist with your epoxy flooring installations should you need it. After successfully completing our epoxy resin training course, we aim to give you the best start in the decorative resin flooring industry by offering tradesmen bulk/wholesale pricing with the USA and UK's largest supplier of epoxy resin, decorative concrete, and surface preparation equipment. XPS Europe's training course is the only resin training course in the UK that is certified by the world's largest supplier of epoxy resin products, Xtreme Polishing Systems, based in the UK.

Private Epoxy Classes, Manchester, UK | Xtreme Polishing Systems Europe

1:1 Training

Private Classes

Xtreme Polishing Systems offers a professional and personalized one-on-one training course that allows individuals to address their specific questions or concerns directly with the instructor. This approach ensures maximum absorption of industry concepts. Our personal trainer provides complete and undivided attention to each attendee, fostering in-depth understanding and an unparalleled learning experience necessary for success in this demanding industry. We consider the unique needs of every learner throughout the training process, from initial preparation to final execution and completion of the lesson. Our personalized training course emphasizes the importance of direct human interaction, as we believe there is no substitute for it. Xtreme Polishing Systems' one-on-one training guarantees a tailored learning experience, enabling individuals to acquire more knowledge in less time, gaining a competitive edge. We will implement an effective plan to maximize the benefits for each learner, considering their current knowledge base in the industry.