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Concrete Surface Cleaning and Maintenance Tips from the Experts

Cleaning your office, warehouse or other commercial floor surfaces has always been a major part of most commercial cleaning routines, however deep cleaning and disinfecting are more critical than ever before. Your employees and customers deserve to feel safe when stepping into your facility, so it’s very important to exceed those limits on cleaning and disinfecting your surfaces. To begin, it is ideal to first have a complete understanding of the differences between cleaning and disinfecting your commercial floors. These outlining measures are perfect for any industry and will help businesses worldwide in fighting the spread of coronavirus.

Man polishing white and gray epoxy floor inside home with floor polishing machines

Epoxy Floor Care: Routine Cleaning and Maintenance Procedures

Whether a personal DIY project or you simply hired a contractor, epoxy coating finishes are absolute one-of-a-kind masterpieces! In this article, we discuss the most effective procedures for routine epoxy floor cleaning and surface maintenance.

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Tips for Cleaning and Disinfecting Commercial Concrete Floors

Thorough cleaning of all surfaces within the workplace is highly advised even the flooring. Businesses, facilities, and organizations everywhere have began implementing clean working environments around the enitire globe, an for good reason.

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The Simplest Ways to Maintain Your Concrete Floors

Concrete floors can suffer from neglect or negligence, resulting in unattractive damage and deterioration. While it does require some time and work, if done correctly, the maintenance process does not take long and ensures that your floors last a long time.

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Polished Concrete & Epoxy Flooring

Floor Maintenance

Have you been faced with the task to completely renovate and restore your concrete floor surfaces? Whether it’s a residential property, commercial space, or industrial setting, the process of renovating concrete surfaces has helped achieve the most jaw-dropping concrete finishes to deliver chemical properties to deliver utmost surface precision as well as resilient physical strength that’s absolutely necessary for today’s market. Concrete is truly an innovative building material that is optimum for achieving the most specific needs for construction and structural-related industries. Over the years, people took notice of the versatility of concrete leading to its truest form of innovation and growth in the global industry altogether.

Concrete Floor Refinishing

Polished Concrete Maintenance