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SmartFloor Maintenance Pad

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Pad Types:

Pad Types





Sustainable SmartFloor Maintenance System

SmartFloor Maintenance Pads are engineered to provide the end user with a highly aesthetic polished concrete floor and an easy and economical way to maintain it utilizing standard janitorial equipment. Daily Maintenance Pads (Blue) are used for daily maintenance, while Restoration Pads (Orange) are used to restore lightly worn floors to their sustainable aesthetics. Designed with composite resin abrasives, SmartFloorTM Maintenance System pads maintain highly refined floors without removing stock and repairing etches and stains.

Properly maintaining your concrete floors can help you extend their lifespan and durability and keep them looking spotless. Get concrete floors in pristine condition with Ameripolish's SmartFloor Maintenance System. The appearance and longevity of the floors in your building are essential factors to consider as a building owner or contractor. Experience a difference like never before when you use the Ameripolish SmartFloor Maintenance System! Xtreme Clean Concrete Cleaner is recommended for this concrete floor system.

Features and Benefits

  • Improved appearance of your floors
  • Increased lifespan of your floors
  • Reduced labor and material costs
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Safe and sustainable cleaning process
  • Designed for use on walk-behind or ride-on auto-scrubbers
  • Innovative composite resin abrasive technology
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to use color-coded pad system allowing simple swapping in/out of desired pads




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