Man using concrete polishing machine on the floor inside warehouse building

How to Polish Concrete Floors

Some critics may argue that improving a floor’s appearance is a waste of time and money. However, polishing your floor has many benefits that not only increases its life, it also benefits personal health and hygiene and impresses your guests! In order to achieve top-quality results, polishing requires the use of the right tools and equipment. In this Xtreme Polishing Systems article, we have provided you with a brief overview of the polishing process, a checklist of basic equipment and supplies, along with some tips on where to buy them.
Epoxy Floor Facts and What To Avoid

Epoxy Floor Facts and What To Avoid

For many reasons, epoxy resin flooring stands out from other flooring options when it comes to industrial flooring, commercial flooring, and garage floor coatings. In this XPS article, we will describe what epoxy resin flooring is made of, what types of epoxy flooring there are, and where specific epoxy flooring systems are used.
XPS Genie Presto machine on burnished concrete floor

What to Know About Burnished Concrete Floors

When you see a concrete floor that has been burnished, you will know it. There is no denying its shine. Homes and businesses are often described in terms of their exteriors and interiors. There are few people who take the time to consider their floors. Most of us overlook the importance of our floors as part of our everyday lives. Despite this, you can reap many benefits from putting floors first. This Xtreme Polishing Systems article discusses the basics of burnished concrete floors and how they can be designed to beautify everyday spaces.
How to Epoxy Coat Your Countertops

How to Epoxy Coat Your Countertops

Many homeowners are looking for ways to quickly revitalize old surfaces. As a cost-effective means of transforming old surfaces, epoxy countertops are a great choice. In this XPS guide, we explore how to completely transform your unsightly countertops by coating them with countertop epoxy.
A Guide to Choosing the Best Concrete Sealer

A Guide to Choosing the Best Concrete Sealer

Concrete stands the test of time, whether it's for a patio or a driveway. Sealers will keep your concrete looking gorgeous for a long time, extending the life of these hard surfaces. In this XPS article, our product experts explain which concrete sealer is right for you and what qualities make them the best in the industry.
An image of a male installer who is refinishing a concrete floor with the use of and edging machine as well as a concrete floor grinding and polishing machine provided by Xtreme Polishing Systems.

Wet vs. Dry Grinding and Polishing: What You Need to Know

You may or may not know that it is possible to grind and polish concrete wet or dry. Contractors will face a variety of different circumstances when working on a job site. They tend to have their own preferences when it comes to grinding and polishing concrete flooring. Some professionals may prefer the wet grinding process while others might prefer the dry grinding process, depending on their exact situation. In this Xtreme Polishing Systems article, we examine each option in greater detail as well as discuss when and why they might be used.
How Much Does an Epoxy Garage Floor Cost? | Xtreme Polishing Systems Blog

How Much Does it Cost to Epoxy a Garage Floor?

Do you need to update the flooring in your garage? A long-lasting epoxy flooring system may be the answer to your garage's plain concrete floor. Thanks to its rugged and durable properties, epoxy transforms dull garage floors into gleaming ones. In this XPS article, we discuss the average costs of having a professional install epoxy flooring in your garage as well as the cost of doing it yourself.
Getting the Most Out of Your Outdoor Concrete Countertops

Getting the Most Out of Your Outdoor Concrete Countertops

In preparation for grilling season, you might find yourself thinking about a fully equipped outdoor kitchen as you prepare those savory homemade hot dogs and juicy hamburgers. Or you may simply long for an outdoor bar space where guests and family can enjoy everlasting entertainment and delicious refreshments. Despite the widespread use of concrete outdoors, you may wonder how well a concrete countertop can withstand the demands of an outdoor kitchen. Get the most out of your outdoor concrete countertops with this Xtreme Polishing Systems article.
Why is Epoxy a Fantastic Garage Flooring Option? Blog by Xtreme Polishing Systems

Why is Epoxy the Perfect Garage Flooring Option?

In addition to its many benefits, epoxy flooring is a great choice for garage spaces. Hard surfaces such as concrete, wood, tile, and linoleum can be coated with epoxy. Having plain surfaces like concrete or wood flooring in your garage may cause water damage over time. Epoxy can help prevent that. As opposed to other durable materials, epoxy flooring will not absorb any liquids if spills occur. How can it get better than that?  In this XPS article, we discuss why epoxy coatings are the perfect option for garage flooring.



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