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Certification Classes

Epoxy Coatings

If you are looking for a career change and want to learn a valuable trade, we offer a week long epoxy training certification class.

Whether you are new to epoxy resin or have limited experience, we offer a epoxy class to become certified in epoxy coatings, countertops and resinous flooring.

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Epoxy Resin Classes

During this certification course, all aspects of epoxy floor coatings & decorative floor finishes will be covered; from surface preparation, testing, cove base fabrications and installation of vinyl flake/chip flooring systems, quartz, metallic and the growing in popularity, glitter floor systems.

You will learn product selection, tools and equipment, followed by the opportunity to physically apply the epoxy. This will work to your advantage for a number of reasons. One, you will get accustomed to the equipment and tools you need to install these floors in the field. You will also get answers to all the questions you may have about the installation process and the materials required. If you are a beginner in this field, you will get to see the experts at work and learn the necessary tricks for a perfect finish. You will also get enough practice before you can start doing these floors for your clients.

What to Expect

Epoxy Coating Certification Training Class


During this time, you will learn how to do moisture testing, use moisture barriers, do flooring repair and leveling, use primers and base coats, what tools and equipment you need, and how to estimate pricing for a job. You get hands-on experience that will be invaluable to your business in all types of epoxy applications, including solid colors, flakes, glitter, and urethane coatings. This course is helpful for beginners and those who have worked with epoxy resin before. This course is hands-on, with minimal time spent in the classroom and you will be operating machinery, removal tooling and epoxy applications.

Epoxy Class Curriculum

Epoxy has a multitude of uses. We will teach you the different types, when to use each epoxy type and the application process of each epoxy's chemical properties.

Learn the basics of staging a mixing area, properly mixing epoxy part A & B, surface prep, patching, repair, and how to apply self leveling epoxy resin with the right applicator tools.

Gain the ability to join the wall to the floor creating a radius that becomes seamlessly incorporated into the epoxy floor that you're applying.

Epoxy is the most commonly used floor coating and is the easiest to apply. You will gain the confidence to bid, sell, and install epoxy flooring, whether it's metallic epoxy, epoxy flake or glitter epoxy.

Epoxy is the most commonly used floor coating and is the easiest to apply. You will gain the confidence to bid, sell, and install epoxy flooring, whether it's metallic epoxy, epoxy flake or glitter epoxy.

Get help setting up or optimizing a website, paid advertising campaigns, and social platforms. You will leave having the skills necessary to generate leads, and close more the sales and get referrals.


The certification training class is $1,500 to attend. If you were looking to bring anyone else with you, we offer a 15% discounts for additional attendees.

You can sign up for the certification training classes by filling out a registration form and an account manager will give you a call to finalize payment and confirm registration has been successfully completed.

Alternatively, if you are ready to reserve your spot and pay for any upcoming classes, you can do so by visiting our events page, selecting the date you wish to attend and checking out.

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Epoxy Coating Classes


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expand your skills in concrete coatings

Our training is quite affordable. Depending on the area you want to be trained in, we will give you a quote for the training, all training material included. There are no hidden charges involved, and you are guaranteed of getting your money worth from our training. The best way to excel in any industry is to learn by doing. Our certified trainers are available to provide insight every step of the way with one on one training in an air-conditioned warehouse space. We extend our support to guide you through the most efficient ways to operate required equipment, and tooling for a successful job.

Training with us means that you also get to try your skills before venturing in the field. You also get a chance to interact with the best there is when it comes to epoxy and polished concrete flooring and possibly learn a few tricks that will set you apart from other contractors in the market. We work with a team that knows a lot about turning basic concrete into pieces of art. Here you will get to learn from the best whether you want to know how to polish concrete or how to epoxy garage floors. All professionals in our team are always willing to help and ensure that you are well equipped to handle decorative concrete flooring once you are done with the training.