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COVID-19 Tips for Cleaning and Disinfecting Commercial Concrete Floors

Hygiene practices around the world have forever changed due to the rapid spread of COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic is requiring all facilities to take extra precautions against the virus to prevent further spreading the disease. Thorough cleaning of all surfaces within the workplace is highly advised even the flooring. In order to reduce the potential for virus transmission, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that floors are regularly cleaned and then disinfected with chemicals that can be used to control the virus. Businesses, facilities, and organizations everywhere have gained a sharp focus on implementing some of these major advancements in their routine sanitation practices to ensure that new and existing staff, as well as their clientele, are in a safe and clean working environment.

Commercial Surface Cleaning and Disinfecting in the Workplace

The outbreak officially began shutting facilities down back in March 2020 due to a mandatory quarantine issued by the United States government and by surrounding countries. Some businesses were even forced to close their doors for good but thankfully there were many commercial businesses who were grateful to make ends meet. However many of those business owners began to question if they were using the most significant procedures to ensure a safe and secure workplace.

Cleaning your office, warehouse or other commercial floor surfaces has always been a major part of most commercial cleaning routines, however deep cleaning and disinfecting are more critical than ever before. Your employees and customers deserve to feel safe when stepping into your facility, so it’s very important to exceed those limits on cleaning and disinfecting your surfaces. To begin, it is ideal to first have a complete understanding of the differences between cleaning and disinfecting your commercial floors. These outlining measures are perfect for any industry and will help businesses worldwide in fighting the spread of coronavirus.

Clean and Disinfect: Understanding the Difference

Floor cleaning is the process of physically removing dirt, grime, debris, and other substances from a surface. Cleaning is a critical first step in the process of disinfecting a floor surface. Walk-behind auto-floor scrubbers are safe and easy to use floor cleaning machines designed to clean and prepare a floor for the disinfection process. This janitorial equipment is primarily used with a simple cleaning solution formula that is quickly removed from the surface to prevent slip and fall accidents, so people may still be present while the machine is operating. Floor disinfecting is the process of utilizing chemical solutions that are specially formulated to eliminate disease-causing microorganisms such as pathogens. These specialty floor cleaning/ stripping chemicals are much more powerful when compared to the average cleaning solution and are performed after the floor cleaning process has been finalized. The designated disinfection area should be closed off as the floor remains wet and needs more time to activate its special properties.

How Floor Cleaning Machines Can Help Businesses Combat Viruses like COVID-19

Floor cleaning equipment and maintenance machines have a multitude of advantages over manual cleaning methods, helping to further reduce the spread of coronavirus. Fabricated mop heads or other cleaning cloths can hold on to germs and bacteria even after you’ve thoroughly cleaned your surfaces, so viruses can still spread easily once someone comes in contact with the contaminated surfaces. Walk-behind auto floor scrubbers, high-speed floor burnishers, and surface cleaners/ strippers are all essentials when permanently removing germs to reduce the risk of recontamination. Using a piece of floor cleaning equipment is safe and easy for the user, and you are given the ability to clean large commercial spaces quickly and efficiently, in return significantly reducing the risk of spreading infection.

Quick Tips for Cleaning & Disinfecting Other Surrounding Areas

  • Before cleaning the floor, remove loose soil, debris, and other substances.
  • The Genie Magic Floor Scrubber can be utilized to perform a thorough floor cleaning, removing stubborn soils and organic materials that can be hospitable to microorganisms.
  • Allow your commercial floors to completely dry before continuing, then select a disinfectant surface cleaner to apply to your concrete floors.
  • Be sure to always wear the appropriate personal protective gear and safety equipment when preparing and using a disinfectant solution.
  • Following the label directions, properly prepare the disinfectant solution and carefully follow the label directions for the official application to ensure effectiveness.
  • Restrict any form of immediate foot traffic while treating these areas and be sure to use appropriate safety protocols, such as using prominent safety signs to avoid slip and fall accidents while the surfaces remain wet.
  • Ensure the disinfectant remains in contact with the floor surface for the required time, allowing the surfaces to air dry following application.
  • Drain containers and tanks of remaining disinfectant solution immediately after use.
  • Rinse and clean your floor scrubbing machine with water using conventional scrubbing to remove any product residue inside to reduce the potential for spread.
  • Domestic workers should wear disposable gloves and aprons for cleaning.
  • Once worn, the gloves and aprons should be double-bagged. Store them securely for 72 hours (risk of infection is likely to be reduced significantly after this time)
  • After 72 hours, dispose of the bag in a regular waste container.
  • If using manual cleaning methods, use disposable cleaning cloths and mop heads.
  • Clean hard surfaces with warm soapy water. Then disinfect these surfaces with the cleaning products you normally use. Avoid splashing or spraying as you clean.
  • Steam clean upholstered furniture or carpeted areas.
  • Pay particular attention to frequently touched areas and surfaces, such as bathrooms, grab-rails in corridors and stairwells, and door handles
  • If you suspect an area has been heavily contaminated, such as with visible bodily fluids, from a person with coronavirus (COVID-19), be sure to use protection for the eyes, mouth, and nose (like visors and masks), as well as wearing gloves and an apron. Staff must be trained in how to fit and wear personal protective equipment (PPE) correctly.
  • Make sure all employees continue to wash their hands regularly. Always use soap and water and also clean your hands for 20-30 seconds. You must also wash your hands after removing gloves, aprons, and other protection used while cleaning to reduce the risk of infection.


Xtreme Polishing Systems is dedicated to spreading awareness and providing information and insights to help facilities make informed decisions when cleaning and disinfecting their commercial concrete floors. A significant amount of data and research has been collected over the past 9 months by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as other health professionals regarding COVID-19 however, the status as to when the virus will begin to relinquish is still very much undiscovered. As a result, the entire world has transitioned and adapted to a new world order. Because of that, having clean commercial concrete floors is absolutely essential for making the right first impression, while improving productivity.