Rockhard Polyaspartic Floor Coating | Xtreme Polishing Systems
Rockhard Polyaspartic Floor Coating | Xtreme Polishing Systems
Rockhard Polyaspartic Floor Coating | Xtreme Polishing Systems

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Rockhard POLY Polyaspartic Kit

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UV-Stable Polyaspartic Topcoat

Rockhard POLY is the best polyaspartic coating kit used by professional contractors to produce outstanding finishes for high-traffic commercial, and industrial facilities. Rockhard polyaspartic coating exhibits excellent physical properties with superior UV, chemical, and solvent resistance. It also displays fast cure times with excellent adhesion to bond well to the substrate. Useful as a base floor coating or polyaspartic topcoat with decorative floors like a vinyl chip, colored quartz, or metallic surfaces. 


  • Produces outstanding finishes.
  • Exhibits excellent physical properties.
  • Superior UV, chemical, and solvent resistance.
  • Resistant to MOST battery acid spills.
  • Approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and meets FDA and USDA requirements.
  • Displays fast cure times with excellent adhesion so it bonds well to the substrate.
  • Nonyellowing and good gloss retention
  • Excellent adhesive properties allow the coating to be applied over other firm and hard coatings.
Rockhard POLY Polyaspartic Coating is nonyellowing, provides good gloss retention, and can be applied over other firm or hard surface coatings. Suitable for interior and exterior applications on hard substrates including, steel, wood, and concrete countertops and flooring. The common facility uses typically include protective topcoat protection from UV exposure, marine protection for fiberglass, aircraft hangar floors, low-temperature equipment traffic, maintenance facilities, offshore platforms, industrial shop floors, car washes or wash bays, secondary containment, cooling towers, bridges, and wastewater treatment applications.



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