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Premium Sand Screen Metal Disc

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Grit:80 Grit


Sand Screen Metal Disc

Xtreme's Premium Sand Screens are diamond-coated metal discs for grinding glass, ceramics, and composites, as well as removing rust and scale from other materials. Commonly used for coatings repair on wood, concrete, or painted floor surfaces, our metal screens are filled with silicon carbide in different grits to remove unwanted minor imperfections. Sand screen discs are also used for the repair of painted floor surfaces.

The discs are designed to sand down the old finish so that a new finish can be applied. This is known as the “scour method” of refinishing a floor and is most often used on gym floors. Sand screen discs come in grits ranging from extremely coarse to extremely fine. Discs are manufactured with silicon carbide abrasive, assuring you of the finest quality discs you can buy.

Xtreme's Premium Sand Screens are used to remove surface scratches, dulling gloss finishes for re-coating, and any floor operation where only the removal of the finish is desired leaving the hardwood flooring beneath unaltered. This system is most desirable in situations where the floor surface being prepared is only slightly worn or re-coating is frequently required (i.e. gymnasium floors).

Both sides of the disc can be used, wet or dry. Use orbital and rotary sanders for grinding, stripping, sanding, light blending, and deburring. 



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