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2000 Ultra High-Speed Floor Burnisher

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Ultra High-Speed Floor Burnisher

The Xtreme 2000 Ultra Speed Floor Burnisher is a rotary machine that circulates to clean and remove scratches, while shining and polishing your concrete, wood, and tile floors, making them look brand new. The Xtreme 2000 Ultra Speed floor burnisher features a cast aluminum base and an adjustable handle that allows it to fold quickly and comfortably for all operators. Reduce the need for follow-up dust mopping and complicating the cleaning process by burnishing your concrete floors.

Features & Benefits
  • A high-powered, D/C rectified motor ensures reliable, brown-out-free, high-speed operation.
  • Precision-balanced all-metal chassis helps users maintain even pad pressure, enabling more consistent results. Interlocked, non-conductive safety switch minimizes the potential for injuries.
  • A low-profile apron with full-coverage bumpers simplifies maneuverability while protecting walls and baseboards.
  • Flexible pad holder automatically conforms to floor irregularities.
  • A fully adjustable handle may be set to accommodate nearly anyone.

Contractor's first choice for spray buffing, scrubbing and stripping. We offer several different models of floor machines and have a machine perfect for every job!



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