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Craft Resin Kits for DIY Epoxy Projects, Countertops and More!

Are you a DIYer looking to test your crafting skills using epoxy resin? If so, you will enjoy this XPS article! Whether you are curating beautiful epoxy river tables, getting creative with metallic countertops, or experimenting with fun DIY epoxy projects, the world is your canvas with craft resin kits!
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Craft resin kits offer a fun and inventive way to customize any hard surface with an attractive and seamless epoxy finish.

Choosing the appropriate craft resin kit for your epoxy project can be overwhelming. Not only do you need to use the correct quantity, but you also need to ensure the craft resin you choose is of the highest quality and performance.

Fear no more because we have listed the most effective craft resin kits for your next DIY epoxy project:

XPS Cast Resin Kit

An epoxy river table with decorative stones embedded into it.

XPS' Cast Resin Kit is a 100% solids, two-component, low-odor, solvent-free cast resin system for castings exceeding 1 inch in thickness. This cast resin kit is specially designed for creating (or casting) epoxy river table finishes. Our cast resin kit can also be utilized for other DIY epoxy projects and crafts. This includes projects incorporating decorative jewelry or other small artistic items and molds. It is also used to design epoxy countertops, tabletops, bar tops, and other resurfacing applications.

With XPS' Cast Resin Kit, users can embed or encase items such as jewelry, figurines, paperweights, coasters, drawer pulls, and more. As soon as the material cures, these items can be displayed for anyone to see. Its very low VOC content ensures that the air quality during application is safe for the environment and for the user. This cast resin kit offers many benefits for residential, commercial, and industrial coating applications.

XPS Countertop Epoxy Resin Kit

A turquoise and gold metallic epoxy countertop.

XPS Countertop Epoxy Resin Kit is formulated and manufactured with high-quality materials to produce stunning results. Never before has it been easier to create epoxy countertops, river tables, and more! This ultra-clear resin system is assembled into a 3-liter kit that is designed to produce beautiful seamless finishes that provide continuous surface protection and high-performance results. This kit ensures that you acquire the highest quality finishes and deliver maximum performance while updating the surrounding aesthetics to accommodate your personal and professional spaces.

XPS Countertop Epoxy Resin Kit is susceptible to reactions from harsh chemical spills and constant wear and tear. To maximize your finishing results, surface preparation before application is required. It has exceptional properties, delivers maximum adhesion, and is specially designed to cover (or coat) different hard surfaces. Suitable in residential and commercial settings. Typical applications include flooring and countertops on concrete, marble, tile, ceramic, wood, and granite surfaces.

Rockhard Krystal Klear Cast Resin Kit

Rockhard Krystal Klear Cast Resin Kit comprises a two-component, clear-casting resin that produces a gleaming mirror-like finish. Rockhard Krystal Klear Cast Resin Kit has extremely durable adhesive properties and is primarily used for casting applications. This includes pouring (casting) epoxy river tables and other do-it-yourself projects, such as creating decorative molds, resin art, resin jewelry, and other small crafts.

Rockhard Krystal Klear Casting Kit creates beautiful, reliable, and sustainable finishes. Ideal for river tables, wood slabs, resin craftwork, and molding surfaces. This kit allows users to embed (or encase) items, jewelry, figurines, paperweights, coasters, drawer pulls, and more right into a surface finish. Typical applications include countertops, bartops, tabletops (river tables), coating and encapsulation, resin jewelry, molding resin, epoxy crafts, resin art, mass casting, etc.


Our collection of craft resin kits are designed to withstand the most demanding residential and commercial settings. You can find all of these epoxy products and more on our website today! Also, let us know what you create by tagging us. Let's get crafting!