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What is the Cost of Epoxy Flooring?

The versatility and durability of epoxy floors make them popular thanks to their excellent value and high level of customization. But how do you determine the price of an epoxy floor?

In this article, we discuss the different factors that help determine epoxy flooring costs.

Typically in epoxy flooring, two different liquid-based materials are combined to form a complete concrete floor coating system. As a result of the combination of these materials, a durable, high-gloss (or semi-gloss) surface is formed.

Typical applications of epoxy coatings are in residential and commercial garage flooring as well as industrial, residential, and commercial settings. The most common types of surfaces that can be coated with epoxy include concrete, wood, or metal, surfaces.

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Epoxy floor coating systems are extremely customizable, which makes them a viable choice for determining the initial material type and labor requirements. In addition to these factors, several other factors influence epoxy flooring costs:

  • The condition of the substrate.
  • The amount of square footage, or floor area.
  • The type of Jobsite it will be applied for.
  • The amount of time required to complete the job.
  • Whether a moisture vapor product is necessary.
  • Whether a protective topcoat is being applied.

Understanding the expectations and the day-to-day operation of the space is crucial to determining the final cost of an epoxy floor. It is important to select the coating materials based on the specific facility conditions as well as many other factors.

Contractor costs for epoxy flooring

It is estimated that contractors' costs for installing epoxy flooring costs in the US will range between $5 and $12 per square foot. These prices will mostly depend on the contracting company that is hired and the decorative finish chosen for installation. Generally, elaborate designs such as metallic or glitter finishes that incorporate various epoxy color pigments and other decorative elements such as glitters will certainly cost more to install than simpler alternatives like solid color finishes.

Material costs for epoxy floor coatings

There are several epoxy flooring kits available for professional and DIY use. These typically range in price from $100 to $600. For each square foot of floor space, roughly $2 to $5 in material costs are needed. These costs will cover epoxy floor coating materials as well as the equipment and tooling that is utilized.

Nonetheless, prices are determined primarily by the type of epoxy flooring system used, how many coats are applied, if there is a need for surface repair products, and how the coating will be applied.

Epoxy applicator tools may include the following:

  • Notched Floor Squeegee - Notched floor squeegees are exceptional applicator tools because they are specifically designed for thickset surface coatings to meet the industry demand for high-performance flooring. Applications include resinous epoxy coating systems, protective topcoats, cement compounds, and admixtures. 
  • Epoxy Floor Roller - polyurethane foam roller covers are the only type recommended for resinous epoxy coatings. As a result of this thin foam, the thickness of the epoxy coating can be controlled much easier. Resin drips can also be avoided and the chance of epoxy "runs" can be minimized so the overall finish is smoother and much more efficient long-term.
  • Epoxy Floor Cove Trowel - This is a high-carbon, spring steel troweling tool that is tempered, ground, and polished. The blades are fastened with hardened steel ground rivets and the wooden handles are specially designed for better gripping power. This innovative floor resurfacing tool was selected by the manufacturers' team of epoxy coating specialists and technical experts, particularly for high-performance decorative epoxy floor systems and industrial concrete coating applications.

An overview of decorative epoxy coatings

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High-performance flooring can be both beautiful and functional, right? Well, decorative epoxy coatings are proof that beauty goes beyond the outer cosmetic appearance of these industrial resinous floor systems. No need to feel fooled by the stunning appearance of these decorative epoxy finishes. These seamless floors are tough. Decorative coatings like glitter floors and metallic epoxy finishes provide exceptional performance over their long and useful lifespan. They are also economical choices among the variety of decorative epoxy flooring options.

Calculating the cost of decorative epoxy flooring

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It is in fact possible to achieve longer-lasting and better-value decorative flooring finishes by choosing metallic epoxy flooring systems over alternative floor finishes such as polished concrete flooring and decorative stained floor treatments. 

Decorative metallic epoxy floors are able to conceal any existing blemishes while providing high-performance and slip-resistant surfaces. Epoxy flooring also delivers premium floor protection and maintains its durability, regardless of enduring high-traffic environments or harsh facility conditions. We also cannot forget how inexpensive epoxy flooring is in contrast to luxury marble and granite finishes.

The following factors are highly important in estimating the price of epoxy flooring materials and installation:

  • Choosing an epoxy floor design — An epoxy floor design with a single metallic color blend will be easier to install and less costly than one that incorporates different blocks of color, metal divider strips, and decorative patterns. It takes more time, labor, and artistry for a contractor to implement such enhancements.
  • Metallic floors are available in an array of colors — Typically, metallic epoxy floors come in myriad shades from within the same color family. Despite their attractiveness, an expanded palette of colors and nearly unlimited customization options can sometimes prove hard to resist. A price increase is possible, however, if additional colors are used.
  • Floors embedded with logos — The addition of logos and messages to a floor can increase the cost, yet provide a stunningly beautiful and durable result.

Epoxy flooring prices per square foot

Depending on the size, thickness, and type of flooring system used, a project can have a wide range of costs. A larger project will ultimately result in lower per-square-foot epoxy flooring materials plus labor costs since economies of scale ultimately apply. Generally speaking, the larger the floor area, the more expensive the project will be, but the cheaper it is per square foot.

A moderate epoxy floor coating project generally takes nine hours. For a single-car garage, the cost is about $120 to $160, and for a double-car garage, it is about $240 to $360. In addition, a standard epoxy application process is typically conducted by two people. 

Due to the same initial mobilization of manpower and equipment, no matter how large or small a floor is, the initial mobilization of equipment and manpower is nearly the same whether it is 500 square feet in size or 1,500 square feet in size. A very large commercial, industrial or institutional project tends to benefit from economies of scale most significantly.

Additional costs of preparation and repairing concrete surfaces

It may be necessary to refurbish and repair the slab before installing the decorative epoxy finishing system. The cost of the project will naturally increase as a result. It is critical to examine the condition of the base, whether it is new or existing concrete.

A floor squeegee or solvent-resistant roller brush as well as rubber gloves, goggles, plastic pails, and other epoxy coating accessories may cost you an additional $200. Concrete flooring should always be checked for moisture before being installed since epoxy cannot be applied if moisture is present.

Concrete substrates should be examined to determine the level of moisture vapor transmission within a slab. Epoxy floors can be hindered by a high level of moisture, and should be addressed appropriately. The substrate is treated with these products before the epoxy coating is applied.

Xtreme Polishing Systems offers a premium selection of MVT solutions perfect for any substrate moisture issue.

Does epoxy flooring last a long time?

A finished epoxy flake floor coating in a residential garage | Xtreme Polishing Systems

There are several advantages to epoxy flooring over other surface treatments, such as decorative staining, including resistance to wear and chemicals, impact, and abrasion. These factors influence the longevity of epoxy flooring, just as its price does.

Floor coating systems can be industrial, decorative, or high-performance, for example, and can differ in terms of installation, maintenance, and use. Epoxy flooring applications in harsh industrial and commercial environments face different challenges due to forklift traffic and frequent chemical spills. This is different from residential epoxy flooring that do not receive high foot traffic.

It is estimated that epoxy floors can last between 5-20 years if they are properly installed and maintained.

How to maintain epoxy floors

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After your epoxy floor is installed, you might now be wondering how to clean and properly maintain it. Fortunately, epoxy floor care is extremely easy since this material is highly resistant to dust and dirt. 

For regular cleaning of your floor, a simple dust mop will work wonders. Applying your dust mop around once a week is the best way to clean epoxy floors and gather up straggling dust or dirt. Every three or four months a more vigorous scrub may be required to obtain a clean epoxy floor. This is especially the case when your floor is heavily trafficked by machinery. 

Locating a trustworthy epoxy supplier and skilled installers

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Several options are available when it comes to epoxy flooring. Check with family, friends, and local professionals to determine the most appropriate company. Do not hesitate to ask for client references and be sure to thoroughly check if the contracting company you are considering is licensed, bonded, and insured.

Xtreme Polishing Systems' worldwide network of XPS Xpress stores is a prime example of qualified epoxy suppliers and installers that are knowledgeable and reliable companies. We provide high-performance do-it-yourself epoxy floor kits and commercial-grade epoxy floor coating systems that are cost-effective, produce attractive finishes, and are designed for a variety of industries. 


The long-term benefits, low lifecycle costs, and gorgeous decorative finishes produced with epoxy flooring systems make these finishes very hard to pass up for ordinary polished or stained concrete floors.

With consideration anyone who chooses to install these systems, whether it be professionals or DIYers, by doing some simple research and following all the necessary procedures for surface preparation and overall application, epoxy flooring can be achieved easily and effectively by ANYONE!

Please contact our industry experts with any questions you have regarding your specific epoxy application needs and what methods are best suited to meet those needs. Speak to a PRO today!