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A Guide to Choosing the Best Concrete Sealer

Concrete stands the test of time, whether it's for a patio or a driveway. Sealers will keep your concrete looking gorgeous for a long time, extending the life of these hard surfaces.

In this XPS article, our product experts explain which concrete sealer is right for you and what qualities make them the best in the industry.

In order to maintain the safety and efficiency of your commercial property, it is important to take care of the concrete. Preventing concrete damage is equally important as maintaining it, and high-performance concrete sealers provide one of the best options to avoid moisture and weather damage. The right concrete sealer can protect your concrete and prevent you from spending more money than necessary, while also ensuring it is a reliable sealant.

What is the Purpose of Concrete Sealers?

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The goal of concrete sealers is to protect the concrete surface from damage, corrosion, and staining over time. Surface moisture intrusion is typically the cause of most concrete surface damage.

In addition to chemical intrusion and weather expulsion, concrete sealers protect against corrosion and alkali-silica reactions. In order to extend the life of your concrete surfaces, it is crucial to protect and preserve them, while properly maintaining them. Concrete sealers come in a variety of types, so you can pick the right one for your concrete needs. 

Waterproof Concrete Sealers

In order to seal concrete, you should choose a product that will penetrate deeply into the surface and penetrate deeply into the substrate. A concrete sealer with waterproofing properties prevents water from penetrating even deeper into the seal. Upon soak-in, the sealer binds into a solid form, wrapping all lime and alkali in its protective shell.

Using this method, your project will be resistant to water, acid, oil, grease, and deicing salts, thereby extending its life. The result is a long-lasting concrete surface and a safe investment. There are a variety of sizes available for this concrete sealer, including one gallon and five gallons. In addition to waterproofing concrete, it improves density and tensile strength to increase durability and strength. Using this sealing product prevents concrete from deteriorating, crumbling, cracking, pitting, and seeping because it fills all voids in concrete.

You can still benefit from concrete projects for many years to come by keeping them in excellent condition and looking great at the same time. Concrete sealers that waterproof and strengthen surfaces contain unique ingredients that prevent contaminants or liquids from lingering on the surface until rinsing or wiping away. As one of the most effective types of concrete sealers on the market, this product provides nontoxic, easy application, and requires no mixing.

Sealing Concrete with the Best Eco-Friendly Sealer

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Another effective option when sealing your concrete is an environmentally friendly sealer. In addition to contaminating the soil and groundwater, sealers that contain harmful chemicals can seep into the dirt. Choosing an eco-friendly concrete sealer with a very low VOC will ensure that you can apply it to any type of masonry or concrete, both inside and outside. You can protect your project without harming the environment by using Xtreme Shield Concrete Sealer.

Xtreme Shield Concrete Sealer is a concrete shield protector that can be used to seal interior and exterior concrete. Whether for industrial, commercial, or residential properties, Xtreme Shield concrete floor sealer is a quick and affordable way to beautifully preserve the surface so it looks its best and stays protected for years to come. It's perfect for use on sidewalks, driveways, balconies, and patios. As well as being non-toxic, this product is also non-flammable and non-caustic.

Epoxy Concrete Sealers

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 Epoxy concrete sealers are an excellent choice for indoor floors with heavy foot traffic. Besides having a long-lasting finish, this specialized sealer is also resistant to excessive abrasion. Epoxy finishes are most commonly used for concrete countertops and concrete flooring. In addition to repelling water, epoxy is also visually appealing with its thick, high-gloss composition.

In addition to clear epoxy sealer, pigment can be added to add more color to your project. Depending on your preference, you can either choose a sealer with a mid-level sheen or one with a high gloss finish. Anything that will undergo heavy use indoors and that you want to protect is a perfect fit for this product. The majority of epoxy-based concrete sealers are available in two different components that have to be mixed together. Mixing and applying the sealer immediately after mixing ensures the sealer dries as quickly as possible.

Acrylic Sealers

Since acrylic sealers are generally cost-effective, they are great for sealing projects on a budget. Easy to apply and suitable for interiors and exteriors, acrylic concrete sealer is a good choice for concrete sealing. Unlike other sealers, this kind of sealer is UV-resistant and will not yellow over time. Pool decks and walkways can benefit from acrylic concrete sealers since they protect the concrete against water and chloride.

The product also enhances the color of decorative interior floors while protecting them from wear and tear. An acrylic sealer dries very quickly. Despite not having great shine, water-based acrylic sealers do not emit much VOC or odor. However, they do not last as long as some alternatives. If you are looking for something with a glossy sheen and a longer shelf life, you should use solvent-based acrylic sealers.

Final Thoughts: Always Invest in the Best

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When you're installing a new concrete driveway or updating your patio, choosing and applying the right concrete sealer is crucial. The perfect combination of durability, protection, and waterproofing can be found in concrete sealers supplied by Xtreme Polishing Systems. Eco-friendly sealers can also be an excellent choice, depending on your project's size and location.

The most important thing to remember is to seal your concrete so that it lasts for many years. For more information on our products and how they can prevent concrete erosion and improve waterproofing, visit our website.