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Xtreme Shield Concrete Sealer

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Size:5 Gallons


Protective Concrete Floor Sealer

Xtreme Shield Concrete Sealer is a protective concrete coating that can be used to seal interior and exterior concrete. Polished concrete is an extremely durable option, especially when the flooring is properly sealed. Whether for industrial, commercial, or residential properties, Xtreme Shield concrete floor sealer is a quick and affordable way to know the surface will look its best and be protected for years to come.

Xtreme Shield Concrete Sealer is meant to be applied after polishing concrete surfaces to bring out the color in pigmented, stained, or dyed concrete, giving a "wet look" that works magnificently with exposed aggregate. Xtreme Shield introduces additional colloidal silica to the slab, along with a thin, clear polymer layer that gives extra protection to the surface.

Features & Benefits

  • Breathable sealer offering low VOC, non-yellowing, UV resistance
  • Protects against hot tire pickup, stains, de-icing salts, and some chemicals
  • Enhance the color in dull or faded concrete
  • Low maintenance is involved with this self-priming, easy recoat concrete sealer
  • Professional grade concrete protection with extended longevity

Exceptionally used on industrial, commercial, and residential concrete floors including restaurants, warehouses, retail stores, storage facilities, and grocery stores. Xtreme Shield Concrete Sealer provides enhanced water and stain resistance and produces a captivating gloss.



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