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ProteShield Concrete Sealer

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Water-Based Concrete Sealer

NewLook ProteShield Concrete Sealer is a water-based, inorganic elastomeric concrete waterproofing sealer designed to penetrate, seal and protect porous surfaces from water and other liquids.

NewLook ProteShield waterproofing concrete sealer prevents the penetration of contaminants that create mold, mildew, and pollution damage. It is a long-lasting protective solution designed for professional coating installers. Ideal for large commercial or residential applications.

Uses & Applications

  • Recommended for sealing, waterproofing, winterizing, and protecting most porous building materials such as concrete, pavers, concrete block, brick, precast concrete, plaster, drywall, GFRC, gypsum board, stone, tile, ceramics, foam, canvas, veneer, overlays, asphalt, wood, and most types of metal (copper, brass, steel, aluminum, gold, iron).
  • Large Flatwork Applications: Theme parks, city parks, parking lots, airports, roads and highways, bridge decks, piers, schools, helipads, tunnels, pipes, decks, walkways, and driveways.
  • Ideal Interior and Exterior Applications: Floors of hospitals, restaurants, offices, schools, commercial buildings, industrial plants, labs, manufacturing and fabrication facilities, warehouses, storage facilities and containers, residential living quarters, basement waterproofing, retail spaces, and grocery stores.
  • Not recommended for applying on existing vertical surfaces. It can be applied to tilt-up structures before they are assembled.

Protect Porous Concrete Surfaces from Moisture

Providing excellent durability, breathability, and temperature resistance, ProteShield Water-Based Concrete Sealer modified-polymer formula waterproofs, winterizes and protects surfaces against ultraviolet rays, ice, water, chlorinated water, saltwater, rain, acid rain, salts and other chlorides, rust, mold, fungus, insects, chemicals, oil, fuel, stains, and excessive temperatures

After cleaning interior and exterior surfaces of mold, mildew, pollution, sewage, oil, and wax buildup apply ProteShield concrete sealer. It is an excellent penetrating concrete sealer that will prevent the growth and penetration of these substances making cleaning and maintenance much easier.



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