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Metallic Epoxy Floors are the Key to Luxury

Upon entering your home or workplace, people immediately notice your floor. As a result, it makes a very favorable impression on people when they visit your property for the first time. An ugly concrete floor with cracks, stains, or chips can send customers running.

If you're looking to make an impressive first impression on your guests or customers, metallic epoxy flooring offers a quick, convenient, and budget-friendly solution!

Creating a sleek, customized space with a metallic floor coating system is easy thanks to the wide selection of available designs.

Let's take a closer look at how metallic epoxy flooring stands out from the rest in this Xtreme Polishing Systems article.

Understanding the Basics of Metallic Epoxy Flooring

A metallic epoxy floor coating serves as a protective layer for existing concrete surfaces. Decorative effects are delivered with this multilayered decorative coating that includes metallic additives.

A commercial office building with an orange, white, and grey metallic epoxy floor finish.

In the process of curing, metallic epoxy pigments create a movement pattern throughout the surface, resulting in a pearlescent effect. In addition to resembling marble and other natural stones, metallic epoxy floor finishes are also quite durable.

Whether you choose epoxy flooring for a bathroom, kitchen, showroom, lobby, or man cave you will enjoy all the benefits it offers, including long-lasting protection, aesthetics, and chemical resistance.

What Makes Metallic Epoxy Coatings So Popular?

A residential condo with a grey and white metallic epoxy floor finish.

Your traditional concrete floor will be improved greatly by adding a metallic epoxy coating. Your residential or commercial space will be transformed by its silky smooth finish and stunning, highly professional appearance.

Check out these notable advantages of metallic epoxy flooring:

Aesthetically Enhances Your Floors

Your property's aesthetic appeal will be instantly enhanced by metallic epoxy flooring. It can make your space seem unwelcoming and neglected if your concrete floor is cracking, stained, or chipped. The bright and eye-catching look of this decorative floor coating will make your room stand out.

A commercial building with a metallic epoxy floor finish.

Metallic epoxy floors are designed to create a truly one-of-a-kind surface that is completely unique to YOU and your style preferences. Metallic floors are a fun, inventive, and artistic way to create extraordinary finishes. There is no better way to WOW your family, guests, friends, and clients than with metallic floors!

Metallic Epoxy Provides a Lasting Protection

Metallic epoxy flooring is highly durable and lasts longer than other flooring options. Depending on daily usage, a well-maintained metallic epoxy floor should last at least 10 to 20 years before repair is needed.

Bacteria and Chemical Resistant

Metallic epoxy-coated floors can withstand pretty much anything you throw at them! The integrity of these surfaces will not be affected by harsh chemicals, such as oil, bleach, or cleaning fluids. However, using harsh chemicals to regularly clean the surface may diminish its shine over time.

As a result, epoxy flooring is a popular choice in the automotive industry. Furthermore, epoxy floors are antibacterial, making them an excellent choice for hospitals and other medical facilities.

Simple Maintenance and Cleaning

Metallic epoxy floor coatings protect concrete substrates from moisture, dirt, grease, and surface cracks. As a result, cleaning and maintenance needs are significantly reduced.

There is no need to use special cleaning agents for epoxy flooring, unlike hardwood and other types of flooring. With its smooth, professional look, you can easily wipe away any mess without leaving any unsightly residue. We recommend using a microfiber floor care kit to clean metallic epoxy floors.

Metallic Epoxy Floors Add Value to Your Property

Investing in metallic epoxy coatings for your home is an excellent way to improve its value. By adding this material to your floor, you will not only enhance its functionality and aesthetics, but you will also increase the overall value of your home. The beautifully coated floors will help you make more money down the road if you decide to sell your house.

Metallic Epoxy Floor Installation Videos

The Installation Process of Metallic Epoxy Flooring

The following eight steps will provide you with a beautiful, durable metallic epoxy floor that will last a lifetime:

1. Assess Your Project Needs

A shelf with an extensive selection of metallic epoxy color pigments stacked on top of each other..

You should begin this process by determining your flooring needs. Ideally, any epoxy flooring installer or do-it-yourselfer will assess the flooring and your goals prior to recommending or choosing a solution. In this case, you will be selecting a metallic epoxy floor coating system with the colors of your choice. There is an extensive and colorful array of metallic epoxy pigments to choose from.

2. Clean the Surface

Upon understanding your needs, you can prepare the floor for application. In the next step, you will thoroughly clean the substrate to remove dirt and debris. Brooms and shop vacuums can help properly clean the surface. Soap and water usage is not necessary for this step.

3. Grind the Substrate

If there is any pre-existing stains or coatings on the surface, it must be completely removed before the new coating is applied. You can achieve this using a concrete grinding machine, which is built for preparing substrates for this kind of decorative work. These machines also help to ensure the epoxy adheres properly to the concrete substrate, so it is crucial to grind down the concrete surface whether there are existing surface coatings or not. *Please contact a sales rep for application assistance.

4. Concrete Crack Repair

Three male installers inside a residential garage leaning down on the floor to fix cracks on the surface.

The concrete substrate needs to be free of imperfections, such as divots and cracks. This can easily be achieved using construction joint fillers and concrete repair products which act as a "stand-in" solution for cracked or damaged concrete surfaces. Products like this were developed specifically for creating a chemical interaction between the host material (concrete) and the filler product itself. Once the fillers have been installed and have fully dried, you will need to run the concrete grinder over the floor again to even the surface. *Please contact a sales rep for application assistance.

5. Moisture Mitigation

Some concrete substrates may have underlying moisture in the slab that cannot be seen from the topical surface. A concrete moisture meter can be used to detect and evaluate moisture conditions within the slab. If there is moisture in the slab, a moisture vapor barrier floor coating can be used on the surface. These coatings are used before the metallic epoxy application is applied to prevent floor coating failures from elevated levels of moisture vapor emission. *Please contact a sales rep for application assistance.

6. Epoxy Mixing and Application

When the surface has been cleaned, repaired, leveled, and sealed from being exposed to moisture it's time to apply the primer coat. The primer layer is recommended for extra durability, however, this coat is optional. Once the primer coat has fully dried, the next layer that must be applied is the base/build coat. The base layer is a solid-colored epoxy coating that provides a foundation, or a hidden background for the decorative metallic layer. Allow the base coat to fully dry before applying the decorative metallic coat. You can easily apply the primer and base coat by using a paint roller or a notched floor squeegee. *Please refer to the product tech data sheet or contact a sales rep for accurate mixing times and application assistance.

A closeup of red metallic epoxy pigments that are being mixed in a bucket.

Next it's time to prepare your metallic epoxy application. Once you have chosen the metallic color pigments you like most, you will combine the pigment with the epoxy resin (Part A). Metallic pigment colors must each be mixed with individual buckets of resin. Do not mix together the metallic pigments in the same bucket. After you have mixed the pigment with the resin, you will then add the hardener (Part B) to each mix. Once the hardener is mixed with the epoxy/pigment mixture, it's time to lay down the coating on the floor.

Pour the buckets onto the surface and spread the mixture across the floor. There are different techniques to achieve this step. For example, you can pour the buckets in diagonal streaks of opposite colors across the floor. Using a flat floor squeegee, spread the material across the surface creating colorful swirls to achieve a marble-like finish. Depending on the finish look you want, you can create as many additional effects as you like. *Please contact a sales rep for application assistance.

7. Apply the Topcoat

The last step is to apply the topcoat. Topcoats give metallic epoxy applications a gleaming finish as well as sealing them for durability and performance. It is important to use topcoats for maintaining the quality of the surface and for ensuring that it remains vibrant and secure. If a topcoat is not used, your metallic application is susceptible to damage such as wear-and-tear, staining, and yellowing due to UV exposure.

8. Epoxy Curing and Dry Times

The time it takes for the topcoat to fully cure may vary depending on the product you use. The manufacturer's instructions should be followed when using each product and you should read the label carefully. Once the application is complete, it will typically be dry enough to walk on within 7 to 8 hours. If heavy foot traffic is anticipated, allow the application to completely dry within 24 to 48 hours. Once the final topcoat has been applied, these applications will be fully cured within 5 to 7 days. *Cure times may vary. Please refer to the product tech data sheet for accurate cure time windows or contact a sales rep for application assistance.

Learn How to Apply Metallic Epoxy Flooring with Xtreme Polishing Systems

A person wearing epoxy shoes is walking across a floor while spreading an epoxy coating using a floor squeegee.

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With metallic epoxy flooring, you can transform your bland concrete floors into something incredibly luxurious and durable. Xtreme Polishing Systems is your trusted source for high-quality metallic epoxy flooring products.

The DIY method of installing metallic epoxy floors can save you money. Although it might not be a good idea to tackle this type of project yourself if you don't have any experience in the field. Have our professionals install your metallic epoxy floors for you! Give our experts a call at (877) 958-5732 for a free estimate today!