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5 Epoxy Resin Tips for Flooring Contractors

Read tips from epoxy experts to get amazing epoxy resin results every time! Uncover pro tips for contractors—from surface prep to stunning finishes.

Unlock the Full Potential of Epoxy Resin

Epoxy is notoriously efficient and easy to use. It's the DIY enthusiast's dream solution! Professional contractors have mined its profitability and efficiency in delivering outstanding results for DIY projects, flooring finishes, countertops, and more.

Here at XPS, we want to help you get the most out of this wonder-resin. This article will shed light on five of the most important tips for anyone working with epoxy.

Top 5 Expert Tips for Working With Epoxy!

1. The Right Equipment

Step one of any epoxy project, before you even touch resin at all, is acquiring the right equipment. Prioritize safety with protective gear—gloves, goggles, and a respirator mask. The XPS online store offers a variety of comprehensive tool & resource kits to fast-track your prep!

And the equipment will depend on the size & needs of your project. For example, an epoxy resin garage project will need an appropriately sized grinder. You'll need:

If you're not sure what tools you'll need on a job, consult our professionals for personalized guidance.

2. Thorough Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is the first - and often most important - step in an epoxy resin project. Neglecting preparation can jeopardize the final epoxy resin system. Whether it's a full grinding effort or just thorough cleaning, you need to pay attention to surface preparation.

We have multiple guides on every facet of surface preparation. From moisture control to leveling concrete, if you need to know it, we have it here at XPS.

Epoxy resin contractors training for an epoxy resin flooring installation.

3. Accurately Mix Epoxy Resin Components

Everyone can fall victim to laziness. But mistakes don't have to be inevitable! 

Accurately measure resin and hardener, whether by weight or measuring cup. Whatever method you choose, be consistent! And your resin solution should come with manufacturer guidelines for proper ratios - so do some research on your resin product.

An improperly mixed resin can lead to premature curing or, in some cases, no curing at all.

4. Embrace Patience

Epoxy resin isn't too time-consuming to work with, but it needs patience regardless. Preparation needs to be thorough and mindful, mixing needs to be accurate and precise. Installation needs to be done carefully, and curing epoxy needs to take its full shape before any further work is done.

Between all these factors, epoxy can take anywhere from 8 hours to days depending on the project. Whether it's just patience on the job or proper planning and preparation, you cannot rush an epoxy resin project.

5. Master Flake Epoxy Garage Floors

This is a tip specifically for aspiring epoxy resin contractors - get into garages! Flake epoxy resin garage floors are all the rage for renovations. Despite their smaller square footage, these projects are easy to handle and serve as excellent practice to scale up a business.

Garages are the perfect practice space to nail preparation, installation of multi-layered systems, grinding and much more. Their ease & demand make them a perfect building block to any successful flooring business!


If you're just putting your foot in the door of epoxy resin contract work, we're here for you! These expert-approved tips are guaranteed to up your game. Strengthen your foundation, learn the essentials, and watch as your projects become showcases of excellence!

At Xtreme Polishing Systems (XPS), you get access to the best resources on the market, and guidance from experts in the field. Reach out to our technicians to get advice on any job, any time!