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What are the Myths and Facts Regarding Concrete Floors?

Concrete is one of the most commonly used building materials in the world, and like any flooring option there are facts, as well as misconceptions regarding what concrete it is, what concrete can do, and how concrete can be used. To help you evaluate whether concrete flooring is the ideal choice for your aesthetic taste and matches your lifestyle, here are some common myths and facts perceived of concrete floors.

Myth and Fact #1: Concrete is Cold

The thought of concrete floors being cold is a common misconception. Concrete is not as cold as many think they are. Concrete can actually absorb and retain heat, gradually releasing it throughout the day. Concrete in some cases can be warmer than certain types of tile flooring due to its natural ability to absorb heat.

Myth and Fact #2: Concrete is not Environmentally Friendly

It’s no secret that the concrete industry is a primary producer of carbon dioxide, which tends to convince people that concrete is bad for the environment. However, concrete is the most durable building material on the market and a properly constructed concrete substrate or structure can last for hundreds of years. Studies have shown that the majority of greenhouse gases produced by a concrete structure or substrate over its lifetime are produced mainly by the electricity that runs throughout it, rather than the concrete itself.

Myth and Fact #3 DIY Concrete Projects are Difficult Tasks to Complete

Often times people are under the impression that resurfacing, refinishing and maintaining your concrete floor is extremely difficult. However that is just an extreme myth and for many generations people have become very knowledgeable and extremely handy, which has helped dramatically with upgrading personal structures and do it yourself renovations. Concrete surfaces are practically a blank canvas that is waiting for you to transform it into the beautiful surface you desire. You can polish concrete, dye or stain it, or lay a beautiful decorative coating over the concrete that will produce a mesmerizing surface forever!

Myth and Fact #4: Concrete is Unattractive

Typically when people think about concrete as a flooring option they will probably imagine a dull, boring and grey type of surface which is commonly seen in warehouses or engineering plants. However, there are so many wonderful options that are available to spruce up those grey surfaces. Whether you prefer coloring, textures, patterns, or decorative coatings, creating something truly unique and interesting has never been so easy.

Myth and Fact #5: Concrete Floor is a Maintenance Free Surface

To sum up this myth, there is truly no existing floor surface available on the market that is absolutely maintenance free. Concrete floors are however comparatively easier to maintain. Floor maintenance will ultimately depend on the amount of traffic it receives. The maintenance needs of a residential floor will differ compared to commercial settings. However, for mostly all settings a simple cleaning, sweeping and damp mopping will keep your concrete floors looking brand new for many years to come. Floor scrubbing machines are economical investments and a great assistant when cleaning concrete surfaces. If your concrete floor ever loses its luster, use a floor burnisher and apply a protective sealer or topcoat to bring back a beautiful polish.

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