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Why You Should be Using Epoxy on Marble Surfaces

Marble is a beautiful surface. It has so many color combinations and adds a classic, yet elegant feel to your space. Over time marble can get scratched and begin looking rough from weathering. You can prevent this by simply applying a clear epoxy coating over your worn and dull marble surface. You can also refinish your marble surface to bring back shine.

Why Use Epoxy on Marble Floors?

An epoxy coating can give your marble floors a finish that is durable and eye catching. It provides a glossy finish that makes the marble look like it was just installed. Epoxy is easy to clean and easy to maintain and will provide a finish that will protect your marble and bring out its natural beauty. Epoxy coatings provides a high level of durability especially because is is waterproof so liquids will not be absorbed. This is especially great in a kitchen or bathroom application. Furthermore, it is resistant to scratching and denting, so it will look great for many years. It is also super easy to maintain.

How to Use Epoxy on a Marble Floor

Using epoxy on marble floors will require some prep work. Marble is normally polished, and therefore does not provide pores for the epoxy to bond to. People often apply waxes and other polishing applications to the marble surface to bring back its shine. In order to apply epoxy, you must first clean the surface, then lightly sand the marble to create a surface that the epoxy can bond to.

Once the floor is completely sanded, any additional dirt and dust must be cleaned from it. Then, you will use a bonding primer to coat the surface and allow it a full day to dry. Experts recommend using a low viscosity primer. Once you have completed this step, you will take your clear epoxy coating and roll it on. You may choose to apply two coats of epoxy. Experts recommend using a two part self leveling epoxy, which you can pour right onto your marble floor. Be sure to follow the direction on the epoxy labels for proper installation or call one of our experts at (877) 958-5732 and they can guide you every step of the way. However, once you have started your project, you won’t have time to stop so please read carefully and follow instruction or the product could kick and begin curing before you have applied it to the marble surface (20 minutes working time).

DIY Cost of Using Epoxy with Marble Flooring

Our epoxy kits are made up of 2 gallons of resin and 1 gallon of hardner, which makes up for our 3 gallon clear epoxy kit. Each 3 gallon clear kit covers approximately 450 Sq Ft. Comparing the costs of doing a DIY floor or having a contractor come do the work is exceptional! Your cost for materials will come out to roughly $2 per Sq Ft. and a contractor will charge anywhere from $5-$7 per Sq Ft. Choose wisely.


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