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Expert Tips for Durable Flooring: Epoxy Coatings for Concrete

Floor coatings are a fantastic solution for your concrete surfaces. Concrete can have a pleasant sight for some people, however others might not find that concrete appearance as being tasteful. Fortunately there are plenty of solutions for those who prefer to explore a more creative and decorative approach.

What is Epoxy?

Epoxy is an industrial coating that works as an extremely durable adhesive and binds to your concrete surfaces. Epoxy coatings are designed to protect the surface it is applied to, whether it be your countertops, floors and even your walls. Epoxy is a self leveling and protective material that helps prevent corrosion on your surfaces so it has become a popular choice for businesses and homeowners. Beside being undeniably secure, one of the best traits of applying epoxy to your surfaces is the multitude of mesmerizing color pigments and dazzling glitters that you can incorporate into the epoxy mix itself. These decorative additions can create a truly brilliant floor finish for years to come.

What Surfaces Can Epoxy Be Applied To?

Concrete surfaces are hands down the ultimate choice when applying epoxy. This adhesive coating can also be applied to marble and granite as long as the surfaces are prepared the correct way. Epoxy cannot be applied to smooth surfaces because the material will not bond to the surface properly. For that reason, you must roughen up the surface that you are applying the product to with either a sanding pad, a hand-held grinder or a concrete floor grinder. Floor grinders are ideal for the larger areas like flooring projects, and hand grinders or sanding paper are perfect for the smaller surface areas like bar tops, walls, and countertops.

Please take note and remember that these surfaces MUST be made slightly porous in order for the epoxy coating to properly adhere, this is an extremely important step and cannot be overlooked or you will have a much bigger issue at hand. As you may have noticed, tile and wood are not suggested as one of the surfaces to apply epoxy over. Though epoxy has been applied over tile and wood surfaces before, it is not recommended. Preparing wood and tile for an epoxy coating application can be very difficult and extremely tedious and may result in wasted materials and products.

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