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Concrete Sealers: Epoxy Resin, or an Alternative?

Epoxy resin is chosen every day to seal and protect concrete floors. Learn why it's so successful with this article!
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Navigating through numerous sealers on the market is a daunting task. Fortunately, epoxy has proven to be a reliable solution for concrete sealing. At Xtreme Polishing Systems, we aim to help you identify the best concrete sealer for your needs.

In this post, we'll explore the benefits of using epoxy for concrete projects, equipping you with the information needed to make an informed decision for your next project.

Comparing Epoxy Resin to Alternative Concrete Sealing Solutions

Epoxy outperforms many other concrete sealers due to its superior adhesion and durability. Unlike urethane or acrylic sealers, epoxy forms a much thicker and more resilient layer, providing enhanced protection against heavy traffic and chemical spills.

While acrylic sealers may require frequent reapplication, epoxy's long-lasting finish reduces maintenance needs. Epoxy is also less prone to UV degradation compared to other sealers, ensuring a lasting aesthetic appeal without significant yellowing. This is doubly true when you opt for a polyaspartic system!

Why Epoxy Resin is the Best Concrete Sealer

Epoxy resin is a durable two-part polymer compound that creates the strongest floors available, especially on a well-prepared concrete base. Its advantages are plenty, and not all of them are immediately obvious! With a resin flooring system, you'll discover new benefits in the many years you'll have your floors.

Resin coatings are also cost-effective, making them a win-win for both contractors and clients. They offer protection against:

The results speak for themselves, especially when using Xtreme Polishing Systems' premium line of epoxy resin products.

Poured epoxy resin on a cleaned and prepared concrete floor.

Epoxy Resin vs. Polyaspartic Resin

When choosing an epoxy sealer, you can opt for traditional epoxy resin or polyaspartic resin. Both provide a durable, hard finish on concrete surfaces. The main difference lies in the installation time. Polyaspartic resin offers a quicker installation time, taking only 4-8 hours, while epoxy provides a potentially more durable cure at a lower cost.

A professional tip: consider using different resins for different layers. Use polyaspartic for a top or bottom layer and epoxy for others, depending on your needs.

Pros and Cons of Epoxy Sealer

Epoxy is a top choice for concrete sealers due to its incredible strength, chemical protection, and diverse design options. However, it has a few downsides worth noting. .

The cure time, while relatively short, can still render a floor unusable for one to three days. This is massively reduced with a polyaspartic solution. But, if your system requires multiple layers, even polyaspartic projects can take several days.

As we stated before, epoxy resin is an incredibly strong solution that will not let you down for years to come - as long as the installation goes smoothly. If you incorrectly prepare the surface, or use improper ratios during mixing, or if there's too much humidity, you could be left with a poorly cured epoxy resin system. This will lead to issues if not immediately, then down the road.

Installing the Best Concrete Sealer

Applying an epoxy sealer requires careful surface preparation and meticulous mixing procedures. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines to get the best, most consistent results. Ensure the concrete is level, ground, and clean before applying even an ounce of resin. For more detailed instructions, refer to our guide on achieving a grind and seal polished concrete finish.

Epoxy sealers offer various finishes that'll fit on most any flooring project. Options include a range of different looks. From the iconic streaks of a marble metallic, to the more understated simple polish. For a balance of aesthetics and strength, flake epoxy is especially popular for garage floor finishes!

Whether you're tackling a commercial installation or creating a unique design at home, epoxy resin offers a perfect finish tailored to your needs.


Epoxy sealers are picked for new flooring projects every day for a reason. With the right product and careful installation, you will enjoy faster curing times and long-lasting results! And with a more affordable initial investment than the alternatives, the benefits of using an epoxy sealer are well worth the cost. Build the floor of your, or your client's, future today!

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