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Get Your Man Cave Football Season-Ready with Epoxy Flooring

As football season approaches, some of us will likely have to watch from separate rooms to enjoy the action.

Rather than dreading it, think of it as the opportunity to create your own space you'll be able to use for many seasons to come!

So, what exactly can you do to begin this kind of process? Man caves can be easily customized to fit your style. Yes, you can choose different decor, paint, and furniture for your man cave, but epoxy flooring is the way to make it your own.

Whether you have a garage or basement, you can create a man cave that is as complex or as unique as you want it to be. The idea of transforming these types of spaces into a personalized man cave is actually quite brilliant!

In addition to adding an extra area for fun activities, this space can be truly personalized with different designs. Whether you plan on watching your favorite sports team, playing cards with some friends, shooting pool, or simply want to enjoy a bit of indoor fun due to a rainy day, this DIY project is suitable for anyone!

First Things First: Time to Clean and Organize

Man sweeping concrete floor outdoors with broom

The first step to creating an impressive man cave is to remove all clutter. A messy space can make it difficult to whip it back into game-day shape if you let it. To make your entertainment area comfortable, you’ll have to store most of your yard equipment, storage items, and other random junk elsewhere.

After you’ve put all your belongings away, check the condition of your floor. An area that has accumulated dirt, stains, or grease build-up might require deep cleaning. To achieve the most effective results, you’ll need a professional chemical floor cleaning solution. Our wide selection of multipurpose floor cleaning solutions is formulated to effectively clean surfaces and remove contamination. We supply a variety of options, including pH-Neutral Cleaners, Acidic Cleaners, Alkaline Cleaners, Enzymatic/Bacterial Cleaners, and Specialty Cleaners. Plus, having a clean garage or basement floor will make watching sports in your man cave that much more enjoyable!

Moisture Detection and Concrete Testing

Splash of water on epoxy floor

Testing concrete moisture is vital when remodeling hard flooring such as concrete. Mistakes and assumptions may lead to bigger problems later on. Although concrete often appears dry and hard, it may actually be filled with moisture. Concrete slabs, especially those inside a basement or garage can continue to transmit moisture for years after it has hardened, which can seriously damage any future applications.

There is a common misconception that a dry concrete slab means a dry slab surface. Which is completely FALSE. Trapped moisture can wreak havoc on your home. Mold and mildew thrive in moisture. It is possible for the flooring to bow, warp, or bubble when it is exposed to moisture. Concrete testing should be carried out properly if you do not want to face any of these problems in your man cave so it remains your safe haven.

The Tramex CME5 is a concrete moisture meter that detects and evaluates moisture conditions within the concrete slab or screed by measuring the electrical impedance. This moisture meter determines the strength of the current and converts this to a moisture content value for concrete slabs and a comparative value for other cementitious floor screeds, displayed on a large clear analog dial.

Xtreme Polishing Systems understands that every concrete surface has unique properties. To make sure you are using these types of tools correctly, we are here to guide you.

Garage Floor Man Cave

yellow-green car in garage with epoxy floors

Choosing epoxy flooring for a garage floor man cave is a great choice. Epoxy is more than just a functional, slip-proof, easy-to-clean surface for a man cave. Let’s say epoxy is applied to a garage setting where cars, motorcycles, four-wheeler, and bicycles are the main focus. In addition to being functional, they are also stylish. You can coordinate your epoxy finish with various colors to accent your motorcycle, luxury sports car, or maybe your leather couch, or flat-screen TV. With our variety of metallic finishes, solid colors, and glitter coating options available the possibilities are limitless.

Basement Floor Man Cave

Gold glitter epoxy floor in basement

Moreover, epoxy flooring installed in a man cave on a basement floor may better suit your desires. You can feature a lounging area instead of a home bar, or incorporate some workout equipment. Even still you can provide a slip-resistant surface and make your epoxy flooring POP with style and color. Or just simply complement the space with a subtle surrounding instead. Essentially, any man cave will be taken to a whole new level when equipped with Xtreme Polishing Systems epoxy floor coatings.

Now it is time you made a bold statement and installed epoxy flooring in your man cave!