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The Benefits of Hands-On Epoxy Training

Hands-on epoxy training certification classes are ideal for those wanting a career change and to learn a valuable trade. This article discusses the different aspects of our hands-on epoxy training, including operating machinery, using tooling, and getting interactive experience installing epoxy.

The popularity of epoxy flooring has grown rapidly over the past few years, so you are not alone if you are considering this decorative option to start your own flooring business or create unique pieces of art. Installing this type of flooring, however, can be challenging for someone who does not have any experience.

It can be difficult to master epoxy installation for some individuals if you rely solely on the internet for instruction. There are numerous tutorial videos and how-to guides available online. There is, however, a great deal of variation between the information provided by different websites. The terminology alone, such as "surface preparation", "working time", and "curing", can be confusing for anyone who may be unfamiliar with epoxy.

The good news is that our hands-on epoxy training classes will prepare both novices and experienced professionals alike for the adventure of learning how to apply this versatile material.

How can epoxy classes benefit you?

  1. Mastering Equipment and Tools - You will learn how to use the industry's highest-performing epoxy floor installation tools, machinery, and products.
  2. Epoxy Chemical Properties - Epoxy has a multitude of uses. We will teach you the different types, when to use each epoxy type and the application process of each epoxy's chemical properties.
  3. Epoxy Application and Product Assessment - Learn the basics of staging a mixing area, properly mixing epoxy part A & B, surface prep, patching, repair, and how to apply self leveling epoxy resin with the right applicator tools.
  4. Practicing with Experts - Experience first-hand the installation process and get answers to all your questions about the product.
  5. Cove Base and Walls - Gain the ability to join the wall to the floor creating a radius that becomes seamlessly incorporated into the epoxy floor that you're applying.
  6. Metallic Epoxy, Flake, and Glitter - There are many decorative finishing options available for epoxy. Understand the differences between each finish and gain the confidence to bid, sell, and install them.
  7. Epoxy Floor Decals - Epoxy floor decals are a cutting-edge branding tool that attracts positive attention to your business and helps you stand out from all competition. We teach you how to implement this technique when installing epoxy floors.
  8. Marketing and Sales - Get professional advice for creating an epoxy floor business website, paid advertising campaigns, and utilizing social platforms. It's important to learn how to generate leads so you can close more sales and earn adequate referrals. This will drastically help you maintain continuous success for your epoxy business.

Here are some key concepts you will learn as you work toward a certificate in epoxy coating.

Surface Preparation

  • Floor Cleaning
  • Surface Testing
  • Concrete Repair/ Leveling

Tools and Machinery

  • Floor Buffers/ Burnishers
  • Concrete Grinders/ Polishers
  • Floor Squeegees
  • Paint Brushes


  • Primers/ Base Coats
  • Moisture Barriers
  • Decorative Coats
  • Protective Topcoats

Marketing & Sales

  • Material Costs
  • Estimations
  • Business Start-up
  • Online Presence

Now let's cover the different coating systems discussed in the class.

Epoxy Resin Systems

Epoxy resin systems produce long-lasting surfaces that shines brighter and are perfect for any renovation project. Epoxy floor coatings are tough materials designed for resurfacing applications such as countertops, flooring, walls, bar tops, furniture, and tabletops. These coating systems can be finished with a variety of designs, including metallic, solid color, and glitter.

Polyaspartic Coatings

The rising stars in concrete flooring are polyaspartic floor coatings. These coating systems are made up of premium-grade materials that add an extra layer of protection to surfaces. These protective floor coatings cure within a few minutes at low temperatures and provide superior chemical, UV, and solvent resistance. Polyaspartic coatings work well in demanding environments with heavy traffic and require slip-resistant coatings.

Moisture Barriers

Flooring contractors are not the only ones who suffer from damage caused by uncontrollable water vapor seeping through concrete slabs. Not only can this affect public health, but water vapor containing alkali can also cause structural failures of concrete slabs. Moisture vapor barriers are designed to protect and defend your concrete floors against the relentless threat of moisture damage. These floor coatings are the best solutions to guard your decorative flooring investments so they remain durable and resilient.


Xtreme Polishing Systems epoxy training is beneficial for anyone looking to learn the industry in-depth and hands-on. With minimal time in the classroom, the course emphasizes comprehensive learning as well as a lifetime support system once you have completed training. Visit our training page for more information about our classes or to sign up. Let's get started!