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Polishing 101: Utilize your Concrete Floors in your Basement

Utilizing your basements is a phenomenal way to optimize your living spaces. These unoccupied basements are practically begging you to turn them into an epic entertainment room. Having a small basement doesn’t necessarily mean you should overlook the opportunity to expand your living space either. It may be the thing you didn’t know you wanted!

This new found basement space could include your exercise equipment, a spare office room for your business or studies, or it could just become something personal like your own awesome man/ woman cave.

Let’s discuss some essential tips and suggestions to ensure you create a functional and manageable space.

Why Concrete Flooring?

The first thing to consider when expanding your living area into your basement is knowing what material is most suitable to use for the foundation. Concrete has long been known to be one of the strongest building materials ever created, but are people aware of how beneficial concrete is as their flooring foundation?

Concrete is much easier to maintain compared to other flooring types, like wood or marble. And because of this easy maintenance, concrete is considered the most economical type of flooring you could have in your home, institute or business. So now that we know that maintaining concrete for your basements is easy, simple and extremely durable, who really wants to have a big slab of grey and dull concrete as one of their floor surfaces?

Polished Concrete

Not everyone is a fan of the simple and natural look of concrete floors. Some might see it as being plain or industrial looking, which is not a look for everyone. Luckily for them there are a multitude of techniques that can transform and enhance those boring concrete surfaces to meet those desired needs. One of the most prominent methods to enhance concrete is polished concrete. Using a grinding/polishing tool, you will first need to profile the surface of the concrete.

Luckily most basements are small areas so a hand-held angle grinder should be enough to efficiently get the job done. If your basement is larger than normal than you can rent or buy a floor grinder/floor polisher and dust collector vacuum system at your neighborhood hardware store like Home Depot or a local supplier like Xtreme Polishing Systems.

Aggressive tooling called metal bonded diamondspolishing pads, and transitional floor pads are used to profile the concrete surface. These tools easily attach to magnetic plate adapters which attaches to the bottom of the floor grinder/floor polisher. The magnetic plates spins in counter rotating directions ensuring accuracy on the floor, while the metal bonded diamonds grind and hone the surface of the concrete. The vacuum system will extract any harmful dust. The polishing pads are used to completely enhance enhance the look of the concrete surface.

After a protective concrete sealer is applied to the profiled surface your concrete floors are transformed into beautifully dazzling and shiny surfaces. Don’t like shiny? There are also staining and dying techniques that you can choose as an alternative instead of polished concrete. This gives you the ability to change the initial color of the concrete into mimicking surfaces like natural stone.

Now that your foundation has been set in your basement, all that’s left for you to do is to use your creative eye to finish the job just the way you like it. Maybe with the addition of personally chosen lighting or furniture, your finished basement room can officially become your dream living space!

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At Xtreme Polishing Systems, our team of experts understands that concrete can variate in properties, therefore each slab must be treated differently. We also know how common it is for those unforeseen complications to occur after hours while still on the job site. It is crucial to have immediate support for achieving beautiful concrete finishes.

Whether you’re a professional contractor or a do-it-yourself type of person, our top-of-the-line concrete product supply and industry expertise are available to anyone. Our pros are here to discuss all your project concerns to assist you every step of the way, from START to FINISH.

Questions? We would love to hear them! Our professionals are readily available to answer all your questions and to provide you with concrete knowledge and industry expertise in the overall preparation and completion of a concrete floor project. Shop Online or Call (877) 958-5732 for all your concrete flooring needs!