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How to Incorporate Glitter Flakes into an Epoxy Coating System

For the people who prefer a shiny and sparkly atmosphere, our polyester glitter is the perfect choice for your resin finishes. These glitters provide you with an opportunity to have some harmless fun. Glitter gives recognition to the loud and outgoing personalities that surround us daily so why not embrace them more?

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What Makes Industrial Glitter so Indestructible?

Industrial glitter is much different than your standard shelf-bought or craft glitter. Xtreme’s industrial glitters are made of polyester which prevents it from melting when being applied to an epoxy coating. It is highly resistant to most common commercial solvents and can be used with most acrylic, vinyl and gel systems as well.

After you have properly mixed your epoxy coating you will add your bag of industrial glitter and your pigment of choice into Part A of your epoxy mixture, Once the pigments and glitter are completely incorporated into the mixture you will then proceed with the application and pour it onto the designated surface and adequately spread the coating with a 36 inch notch squeegee or 24 inch Wooster Red Speed Squeegee.

Colors and Glitter Sizes

Xtreme’s industrial glitters add an amazing sparkle to the surface of your choice and can enhance any 3D epoxy design. Captivate your guests and clients by achieving remarkable special effects with an exotic collection of metallic glitter, iridescent glitter and holographic glitter flakes. Our glitters are available in two different sizes, ultra fine (0.008) and chunky (0.040). This polyester glitter is easy and fast to apply and truly is an ideal choice for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

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