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Getting the Most Out of Your Outdoor Concrete Countertops

In preparation for grilling season, you might find yourself thinking about a fully equipped outdoor kitchen as you prepare those savory homemade hot dogs and juicy hamburgers. Or you may simply long for an outdoor bar space where guests and family can enjoy everlasting entertainment and delicious refreshments.

Despite the widespread use of concrete outdoors, you may wonder how well a concrete countertop can withstand the demands of an outdoor kitchen. Get the most out of your outdoor concrete countertops with this Xtreme Polishing Systems article.

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Nowadays, a pleasant outdoor environment is more sought after than ever before. It's the perfect place for a staycation when travel is challenging and budgets are tight.

Outdoor concrete countertops can present an array of enticing situations. Typically, outdoor countertops are best made from concrete, as it is stylish and durable.

We answered five popular questions regarding outdoor concrete countertops.

#1: Do concrete countertops work well outdoors?

A residential back patio with a fireplace and a concrete countertop finished by Xtreme Polishing Systems.

The most frequently asked question we get from our clients is usually always the same. Can concrete countertops handle everything nature can throw at them? In a nutshell, YES! The benefits of concrete countertops are very similar to those of your patio despite the fact that concrete countertops are made of a different type of material.

There are actually stronger concrete mixes used for countertops than what you see on a sidewalk because they are made with glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC). It's lighter, stronger, and more decorative than regular concrete because it contains glass fibers and other high-tech materials.

Unlike indoor concrete countertops, outdoor concrete countertops can be poured into any shape, which might be handy for outdoor kitchens. It's easy to change the shape of an outdoor kitchen because it doesn't have four walls meaning it is not limited like an indoor kitchen.

Choosing concrete countertops for your outdoor kitchen is the right choice due to their excellent durability, versatility, and style.

#2: Is there a recommended thickness for outdoor concrete countertops? 

An average countertop is 1.5 inches thick. There are ways to make them thinner, especially when using GFRC. It can be difficult to transport and install thick countertops due to their weight.

"Apron-style" refinishing can give a countertop the appearance of being thicker. This simply means that aprons allow you to make your countertops look three or even four inches taller without adding bulk. 

Style is more relevant than strength when it comes to choosing countertop thickness. The robustness of concrete countertops makes them an excellent choice for outdoor kitchens. 

#3: Do outdoor concrete countertops need to be sealed?

An outdoor concrete countertop sealed with a clear topcoat concrete coating by Xtreme Polishing Systems

Sealers maintain the visual appeal and protect the concrete surface from scratches. It is recommended that you reseal concrete countertops every couple of years. Xtreme Polishing Systems supplies a diverse collection of outdoor concrete sealers that are ideal for this type of application. Outside, UV damage to colors is a key concern, which is why sealants provide UV protection. 

#4: What is the best way to pour concrete countertops for my outdoor areas?

There are countless do-it-yourself videos and tutorials available on YouTube and other DIY websites that explain in-depth how you can do it on your own. However, it is not recommended by our professionals.

Our company does not pour countertops on-site due to the high number of variables involved. Instead, we utilize our own facility to create a personalized countertop that we can guarantee to be beautiful, safe, and durable. This is because we know that we have complete control over the concrete mix, the forms, the curing conditions, and last but certainly not least, the finishing techniques. 

#5: What type of concrete finishes work best for outdoor countertops?

Honestly, the best option we can suggest is to just be true to YOU and your desire for style. Custom concrete countertops are made from specialty outdoor concrete blends. As long you choose a look that fits your specific preferences, that ultimately is the best choice on the market.

Choose from a variety of aesthetic designs and finishing options including the following:

Plain concrete (raw unfinished surface)

Oftentimes, there are quite a few people who enjoy the raw, natural look of plain concrete countertops. Their conventional appearance provides a truly simplistic beauty for anyone seeking a uniform and basic surface. Not to mention, it is the most inexpensive option to choose from!

Decorative concrete (dyes and stains)

Stained (or dyed) concrete breathes life back into lackluster countertops! Decorative concrete products have a natural ability to beautify and transform hard-wearing materials like concrete. They are also durable enough for outdoor conditions which makes them an excellent option for these types of projects.

Protective topcoat (UV-stable concrete coatings)

Although the most costly choice, a protective topcoat is by far the most resilient and longest-lasting finish to choose from! Outdoor concrete countertops, especially those already existing ones, can easily be resurfaced with this durable resurfacing material.

A decorative glitter epoxy countertop finish by Xtreme Polishing Systems.

In addition to its utter resilience, you also have the option to choose a decorative finish or a standard clear coat finish. Here are a few of the most popular concrete coating additives and pigments that will really spruce up your outdoor concrete countertops: 


In terms of outdoor countertops, concrete is the most practical option all-around, but you can't go wrong with other options like granite and other natural stones. Make sure you consider your personal design preferences, your budget, the weather conditions in your region, and the level of maintenance you're willing to endure before choosing your outdoor space.

An Xtreme Polishing Systems expert finishing a custom concrete countertop for a clients outdoor patio.We hope that this guide helps you to make an informed choice when choosing outdoor countertops if you want to spend more time outdoors with friends and family. We can help you with any questions you may have about outdoor concrete countertops. 

Please feel free to take a closer look at our wide selection of products and supplies and consult with our experts about the various procedures available. In addition to our handcrafted countertops, Xtreme Polishing Systems has skilled craftsmen and artisans on hand to answer any questions you may have