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Epoxy Flooring Garage: Cost and Installation Guide

Do you need to update the flooring in your garage? A long-lasting epoxy flooring system may be the answer to your garage's plain concrete floor. Thanks to its rugged and durable properties, epoxy transforms dull garage floors into gleaming ones.

In this XPS article, we discuss the average costs of having a professional install epoxy flooring in your garage as well as the cost of doing it yourself.

Often, when it comes to home improvement projects, homeowners don't think about their garage and its appeal and functionality. During your residence, take a closer look at your garage floor. You're probably going to find scrapes, oil stains, and cracks, and it's generally unsightly. It is possible to fix all these problems and prevent them from recurring by epoxying your garage floor.

The national average for epoxy floors in a garage

A garage flake floor installed by Boca Raton Epoxy Floors before it has been officially sealed using Xtreme Polishing Systems products.

Approximately $2,227 is the national average for epoxy garage floors, according to HomeAdvisor. Prices vary from $1,447 to $3,006 according to HomeAdvisor. As a result, epoxy floors are highly durable and easy to clean. They are oil, grease, and chemical resistant, as well as resistant to scuffs and scrapes. A variety of colorful pigments and decorative flakes are available for garage floor coatings. Additionally, epoxy can be tinted and colored in metallic hues.

Labor costs average $1 to $7 per square foot, while equipment and materials cost about $2 to $5 each. For epoxy flooring, installation fees are typically between $3 and $12 per square foot. The cost of solid epoxy can be three times greater than that of water-based epoxy.

For those with large garages, 100% solids epoxy coatings are considered a premium option, but may be more affordable in smaller spaces due to its less maintenance and a longer lifespan than water-based coatings. Depending on the size of the area, the number of coats necessary to protect the floor, and how much preparation is required before applying epoxy coatings, the overall price of the project varies.

Exactly what is epoxy flooring?

Two installers applying white epoxy materials over a concrete floor using notched squeegees supplied by Xtreme Polishing Systems.

Two materials make up epoxy flooring: epoxy resins and polymer hardeners. A chemical reaction is created when these two items are mixed, which begins the curing process. By chemically reacting with the surface, a durable and stable layer is created, as well as sealing and protecting it.

A guide to calculating the cost of epoxy garage floors

It is important to consider several factors when estimating epoxy garage flooring costs. As garage sizes, labor costs, preparation methods, materials, equipment, epoxy types, and preparation methods vary from the national average, prices can differ.

Dimensions of your garage

The cost of epoxying a 250-square-foot one-car garage ranges from $750 to $3,000. The average cost for a 400- to 500-square-foot garage is between $1,200 and $6,000. Epoxy coating costs increase with the size of the surface. Cheaper options include solvent- and water-based epoxy.

The cost of labor

A typical labor cost per square foot ranges between $1 and $7. Approximately $500 will be spent on preparing the area by two professionals in a day. Because the flooring needs to be prepped, coated, and sealed, epoxying a garage floor involves a lot of labor costs.

How to apply

Rollers are used for some epoxy application methods, while squeegees, trowels, and sprayers are used for others. If you want to install epoxy flooring, ask the concrete contractor how the flooring will be applied since some methods require more labor (and are more costly).

The materials and equipment required

An installer is using a wooster paint brush supplied by Xtreme Polishing Systems to spread epoxy along the edges of a concrete garage floor.

In general, epoxy flooring materials costs between $0.37 and $1.40 per square foot. Water-based epoxy is less expensive, costing $0.37 to $1.20 per square foot, compared to solid epoxy, which costs $1.40 per square foot. A wide variety of items can be used, including power washers, shop vacs, numerous power tools, hand tools, spiked shoes, squeegees of various sizes and notches, rollers, spiked rollers, as well as protective gear, such as masks and gloves.

Types of epoxy you can use

Depending on what type of epoxy is used, epoxy garage floors cost different amounts. The least expensive epoxy option is water-based, which costs between $30 and $50 per gallon. Approximately $45 per gallon is the price range for solvent-based epoxy. There are many types of epoxy available, but solid epoxy is the most expensive. It can cost up to $150 per gallon.

Preparing the site for application

The garage must be emptied of its contents before flooring preparation can begin. Items on the floor and shelves around the perimeter also fall under this category. You can save money by moving these items yourself.

A DIY application vs. a professional application

An installer with Triangle Superior Wall Systems, Inc. prepping a concrete garage floor using a Concrete Genie Floor Grinder and Dust Control Vacuum supplied by Xtreme Polishing Systems.

Whenever you embark on a home improvement project, you are likely to ask yourself, “Will I save money if I do it myself?" You will find that doing most projects yourself is much less expensive than hiring someone.

Initially, epoxying your garage floor is not a difficult process to complete. However, if you do not already possess certain items, you will be required to acquire them to properly carry out this type of project. For example, you may need to rent or buy surface preparation equipment, epoxy coating materials, flooring supplies, and surface prep tools for application.

These factors can eventually add up to an overall cost compared to a professional installation. Even though epoxy flooring professionals may be pricey, you are paying for their industry skillset and experience at the end of the day. Thus, having their expertise at your fingertips gives you peace of mind. You should seek the assistance and guidance of your local epoxy garage coating professional when it comes to choosing the best products and tools for this home improvement project.

Watch this video to learn how to install an epoxy garage coating system.

Epoxy Training Classes

Do you enjoy getting your hands dirty? Xtreme Polishing Systems offers hands-on training courses that teach the step-by-step process of installing garage epoxy floor coatings.

DIY and Contractor Supply

Here at XPS, we also supply powerful concrete grinding and polishing equipment, and high-performance epoxy coating products, tooling, and supplies to those professionals who are seeking to get started in the epoxy business or looking to improve their skillset for installing these high-quality concrete coating systems.


An installer pouring epoxy from a 5 gallon Lowe's bucket over a garage flake floor application using products by Xtreme Polishing Systems.

Compared to ordinary polished or stained concrete floors, epoxy flooring offers long-term benefits, a low lifecycle cost, as well as gorgeous decorative finishes.

Regardless of whether one is a professional or a DIYer, epoxy flooring can be easily and effectively achieved by anyone with just a little research and the proper procedure for preparing and applying the surface.

If you have questions regarding epoxy application methodologies best suited to your specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact our industry experts. Contact a PRO today!