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How to Clean an Epoxy Resin Floor

Discover simple, effective methods to clean and maintain epoxy floors. Perfect for contractors and DIY enthusiasts seeking pristine results.

An epoxy resin floor is a treasure - affordable, beautiful, durable. But if you want your epoxy floor to have its peak shine at all times, you need to put in a little elbow grease. But don't worry, epoxy's non-porous surface will simplify how you clean! making them ideal for both residential and commercial spaces.

This guide will help you keep your epoxy floors spotless and sanitary with minimal effort. It's truly a simple process, so don't neglect to clean!

Why Regular Cleaning is Essential

It's not just aesthetics, although that's important too! For safety and health reasons, you should perform semi-regular cleanings of your epoxy floor just as you would any other. But, unlike other floors, epoxy will actually help you clean. Its seamless finish is a massive benefit to the cleanliness of your floors.

While epoxy resin is filled with inherent durability, there are still necessary (or at least helpful) considerations to take as an epoxy resin floor owner. 

What You Need to Clean Epoxy Floors

Epoxy floors are popular for their variety of designs and ease of maintenance. Here’s what you’ll need to clean them effectively:

Step-by-Step: How to Clean Epoxy Resin Floors

  1. Remove Loose Debris: Vacuum with a soft brush attachment or sweep.
  2. Prepare Cleaning Solution: Use Simix Multi-Surface cleaner or a mild soap diluted in warm water.
  3. Mop the Floor: Dip your mop in the cleaning solution. Then, wring it out so that it's damp, not wet.
  4. Clean in Sections: Mop in small sections to ensure effective & thorough cleaning.
  5. Rinse: Use clean, warm water to rinse away any cleaning solution.
  6. Dry: Let the floor air dry or use a microfiber pad or soft, dry cloth.

Tips to Prevent Dirty Epoxy Resin Floors

Your main recourse of preventing a dirty epoxy resin floor is prevention itself. Epoxy’s seamless finish leaves little room for dirt or bacteria, but just a few extra steps of protection can eliminate most sources of dirt and grime. Here are additional measures to keep your floors clean:

  • Entry Mats & Rugs: Mats & rugs placed at key entryways will help prevent a significant amount of outside dirt.
  • Furniture Mats: Fabric pads placed under your furniture's feet will help fight against scratches on your floor.
  • Immediate Spill Cleanup: Wipe spills, especially oil, immediately. While epoxy will fight off most spills due to its protective qualities, it's still good practice!
  • Avoid Sharp Objects: Epoxy is more scratch-resistant than most alternatives. But, as before, it's still good practice to avoid any possibilities.


With epoxy floors, cleaning doesn't have to be some grand project. It makes it easier than ever to perform regular, routine cleanings! Not only that, but it'll help you fight against dust, dirt & bacteria buildup. So don't neglect your floors, get clean today with this guide!

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