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Flooring 101: A Basic Understanding of Floor Scrapers

If you are looking for DIY tips to renovate and repair your flooring, there are options, tips, and suggestions to do so. It will require a few different types of tools to get these types of things done. The first step is to remove old flooring for a clean substrate is not only difficult but could be very messy especially when they have been sitting there for years.

Understanding Floor Scrapers

Thankfully floor scrapers supplied by Xtreme Polishing Systems make this task easy for you. It’s easy to put a new vinyl floor over the original one and just get it done and over with, but this practice could ruin your flooring. The reason to thoroughly remove the floor is that the older adhesives had oil within the application which chemically reacts with the flooring base and can you turn out to be a complete failure.

The True Importance of Floor Scrapers

Before you lay new flooring, it is important to remove unwanted glue, paint adhesives, or material from the surface as it makes it easy to get the flooring done correctly:
  • Floor scrapers are the most useful tools that will ensure clear and smooth, new flooring.
  • Scraping the floor with a floor scraper is a great way to get rid of any stubborn dirt or stain in commercial and industrial environments.
  • Another common use of the floor scrapers is to underlay or remove the old carpeting which has been glued directly to the sub-floor.
  • Floor scrapers are extremely useful pieces of equipment and are designed for removing carpet staples from plywood, and wood floors.

Using Floor Scrapers Properly

It is important to keep sharp blades on the machine. With new blades on hand, you will finish the work quickly, with less effort on scraping surfaces. For different types of flooring, there are different sizes and functional floor scrapers available. To ensure to carry on a hassle-free task it is important that you understand what kind of scraper will be needed and how to use it.

Before you start with your DIY function, it is important that you get a basic understanding of the scrapper functioning. For removing a lighter material or thin-set mortar you can use light-weighted scrappers and remove heavy glue or other binding materials from the surface using a heavy, robust scraper.


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