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Dust Shrouds for Concrete Floor Grinders

A dust shroud is a system used to control dust at the point of origin with the help of grinding. These shrouds can be fitted to most popular brands of hand held angle grinders. When these shrouds are fitted to popular brands of hand-held angle grinder it becomes a piece of equipment that fits onto the gear housing bearing box of an angle grinder.
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A Types of Dust Shrouds 4", 5" & 7" Dust Buddie - The Dust Buddie is the pro contractor's choice for dust control, especially when using a hand grinder for decorative concrete. This device is used for crack chasing, tuck pointing, and cutting. It is made of durable polycarbonate, which provides contractors with the durability they need to hold up in the most extreme working environments. It is a clear shroud so it provides contractors with the visibility they need for optimal control. The cutting depth guide is easy to adjust and essential when performing high-quality work. It fits most hand grinders, including DeWalt, Hitachi, Bosch, and more. The Dust Buddie captures up to 99% of the dust created by a hand grinder and is designed to make grinding easier and more manageable. It rides on a spring cushion, keeping the grinder flat so that dust won't escape and a short brush skirt improves lateral motion for grinding on uneven or textured surfaces. It is made of durable, clear polycarbonate for visibility.

7" and 9" Polymer Shroud - The 7" (180mm) custom-designed polymer dust shroud attaches to most dry vacuum units for dust extraction when sanding wood, plasterboard, grinding concrete, and other types of dust. The adjustable collar and screw attachment allow it to be fitted to different diamond cup grinder heights. They come with a wide variety of neck clamp sizes to suit brands of 180mm (7" or 9") hand-held angle grinders. These are designed to work with variable speed polishing machines which are used in concrete floor polishing corners, stairs, and other hard-to-reach areas like bench tops.

5" Polymer Shroud - The 5" (125mm) custom-designed polymer dust shroud is designed to attach to most dry vacuum units for dust extraction when grinding concrete, sanding wood and plasterboard, and other types of dust. The adjustable collar and screw attachment allows it to be fitted to different diamond cup grinder heights and comes with a range of neck clamp sizes to suit most major brands of 125mm (5") hand-held angle grinders. Designed to also work with variable-speed polishing machines used in concrete floor polishing, benchtops, stairs, and hard-to-reach areas.

5" Corner Hood Shroud - The Australian-made Corner Hood Shroud fits most 5" angle grinders. It is strongly constructed and has a removable edging cover to get right into the corner. No other shroud has the same combination of features including the very simple mounting collar inserts. The reason it does not rap or twist in the sun as it is made of hard steel. With a seal that allows airflow from under where the dust is generated, it gives superior dust pick-up.

7" and 9" Hover Hood Shroud - The Hover Hood Shroud is also an Australian-made dust shroud that fits most 7" or 9" angle grinders. The removable edging cover allows you to get right up the edges and with strong constructions of the wall. It features a simple mounting collar system that comes with exact-fitting inserts for each concrete grinder brand that locks on tightly to the angle grinder with no movement. Also built from steel making it not warp or twist in sun. The air flows under the seal where the dust is generated giving it powerful dust suction.