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Powerful Concrete Floor Grinding and Polishing Machines

Concrete floor grinding and polishing machines are ideal for renovating your concrete floors whether it be refinishing your home or business, or just trying to spruce up your office or shop floor, these concrete polishing and grinding machines are specially designed to revitalize your concrete.
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Types of Concrete Polishers/ Grinders

These pieces of flooring equipment are assembled in many sizes, ranging from lightweight machines (used for residential, small commercial purposes) to heavy duty machines (used for larger scale commercial and industrial purposes). Supplied by single phase or three phase power sources, these professional machines are built for the contractor and craftsmen to the highest standards and specifications on the market for grinding, polishing, and edging concrete surfaces.

Concrete floor grinders and polishers hold magnetic plates on the bottom of the machine that securely grip the concrete tooling necessary to prepare your concrete surface. The type of tooling that is typically used on the machines are metal bond diamonds, polishing pads, and wet grinding tools.

Advantages of Floor Grinders

Some critics may argue that improving a floor’s appearance is a waste of time and money. However, polishing your floor has many benefits that not only increases its life, it also benefits personal health and hygiene and impresses your guests!

  • Keeping floors cleaner for longer
  • Minimizing dirt and moisture damage
  • Protecting against surface cracking

Using Concrete Floor Polishers:

  • Lock the handle in an upright position, lay the machine back on a flat, hard surface.
  • Install the desired tooling and plates, reposition the machine upright, plug it in.
  • Lower and lock handle in a comfortable position, turn the machine on.
  • Begin polishing at the back wall then slowly move toward the center of the room.
  • Lower handle to go left, lift handle to go right. Let go of the handle to stop.
  • ALWAYS turn the machine off when finished, unplug it, remove and clean the heads
  • Rewind the power cord and safely put the machine away.