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Concrete Floor Guide: How to Properly Clean and Maintain Polished Floors

Polished concrete floors serve as a valuable addition to any space. Business owners and residents worldwide are seeking a flooring system that offers durability and design at a reasonable price. In this case, polished concrete floors are perfect for you. This flooring type guarantees long-term use without the need for frequent repairs as long as it gets installed properly and conventionally maintained.

Featuring unprecedented strength and a beautiful glossy appearance, maintaining these prominent features of polished concrete floors is imperative. As with any other type of flooring, consistent floor cleaning and surface maintenance is the key to preserving the quality of your polished concrete floors. In other words, there is a likely chance that the time and money you have spent on implementing the polished concrete floor can all go down the drain if you neglect after-care measures. It can have a drastic effect on the renowned gloss of the surface and could also increase the chances for further damage.

Fortunately, cleaning chemicals and floor maintenance equipment exist to assist you in properly maintaining your polished concrete floors without the overbearing stress of doing too much work. It is fundamental that you gather a strategy and make a solid plan to ensure that your polished concrete floors can last you a very long time.

Combating COVID-19 this 2021 New Year

Xtreme Polishing Systems is dedicated to spreading awareness and providing information and insights to help individuals and facilities make informed decisions when cleaning and disinfecting their commercial and residential concrete floors.

A significant amount of data and research has been collected over the past year by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as other health professionals regarding COVID-19 however, the status as to when the virus will begin to relinquish is still very much undiscovered. As a result, the entire world has transitioned and adapted to the new world order. Because of that, having clean polished concrete floors is absolutely essential for making the right first impression, while improving productivity and healthy living.

How Often Should You Clean Your Polished Concrete Floors?

Establishing a routine cleaning schedule is vital to determine the steps you need to maintain your polished concrete floor. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, your cleaning frequency should depend on the amount of foot-traffic it receives. Therefore, it is imperative to perform daily rounds of cleaning to the floor surface, especially if it carries heavy pressure all day.

How to Clean Polished Concrete Floors Properly: The Basics

Since polished concrete flooring is low-maintenance, cleaning it the proper way is not as tedious of a task as you think. We begin with the basics by making sure we clean the surface of the floors regularly to prevent the standard accumulation of dirt and dust. Dusting and mopping the floor is integral to prevent the buildup of dust and dirt. However, these steps are not enough to maintain the sleek shine and strength of concrete floors. Take a look at the following basic cleaning procedures to maintain your flooring’s integrity and make sure that the beautiful shine lasts for many years to come:

Dusting the Floor

Whether you are cleaning a residential or commercial space, it is imperative to sweep your polished concrete floors daily to get rid of any dirt that has built up. The materials around the room, together along with the foot-traffic will attract dust particles on your polished concrete floors. When too much dirt builds upon the surface, its resistance against abrasion and friction decreases. The dust particles penetrate the pores of the concrete floor, which in turn will reduce the polish. This reduction blurs the brightness and fine details of the floors’ surface appearance and ultimately dims its shine.

Scrubbing Polished Concrete Floors

Besides dusting, it is integral to scrub the floor using a damp mop every week. It removes the dust particles that were difficult to remove while keeping the shine of the surface. Make sure that the mops have non-abrasive pads to prevent any abrasion or damages. Change the dirty water from the bucket from time to time to avoid introducing contaminants to a freshly cleaned surface.

Placing Mats at Entry Points of Houses and Establishments

Apart from cleaning your polished concrete floors regularly, you can eliminate the chances of dirt and damage by putting mats at your space’s entrances. These floor mats will catch the debris that could fall from people’s footwear from entering the building.

Floor mats are especially crucial for colder settings during the winter season. Most roads covered in snow are likely to be filled with layers of salt to reduce the freezing temperature which can be tracked onto your polished concrete floors. As a result, salt lowers the pH levels of concrete, which can cause damage. The acidic reaction from the salt can weaken the structure and strength of any concrete surface. Regularly clean the debris from the floor mats to preserve their appearance and integrity.

Thoroughly Cleaning After Spills

When polished concrete floors get exposed to any form of spillage, it is very important to clean that mess right away. Any type of liquid or substance spill can penetrate through the concrete’s pores, which can damage beneath it. You can adequately clean spills and stains through a damp mop from a bucket of water. Utilize a mild cleaning substance to remove the stain gently. Avoid using products with highly acidic ingredients like bleach and ammonia.

Cleaning Products that are Safe to Use and Not Safe to Use on Concrete Floors

Using water alone to clean the surface is not always enough to eliminate all the dust and dirt accumulated on your polished concrete floors. It is essential to utilize cleaning agents with neutral pH that penetrates the floor’s surface without causing any damage. As previously mentioned, exposure to acidic chemicals and high pH can penetrate through the pores and weaken the surface strength of your polished concrete floors.

Make sure to AVOID the following cleaning products to prevent any damage:

  • Bleach
  • Ammonia
  • Vinegar
  • Citrus
  • Pine-Based Cleaners

Instead, use cleaning products that won’t harm your concrete floors, while cleaning and removing contamination, and reducing the spread of bacteria:

  • Xtreme Clean Multipurpose Concrete Cleaner
  • Simix Multi-Surface Cleaner
  • Kemiko Neutra Clean Neutralizer and Degreaser
  • Ameripolish Strip & Clean

Automatic Flooring Equipment for Cleaning and Maintaining Polished Concrete Floors

Floor cleaning equipment is highly critical to your daily production and your all around health and safety. Efficiently keep dust, dirt, and grime away from your polished concrete floors without much effort by using automatic flooring equipment.

Some of the keen types of machinery used for concrete floor cleaning and surface maintenance are walk-behind floor scrubbers that work automatically and are readily available. The black scrubbing pads that are attached to the bottom of these machines and work well on concrete surfaces. They are specially designed for wet scrubbing applications. Remove dirt and scuff marks from contaminated floors.

Another relevant type of floor machinery is high-speed floor burnishers, used to thoroughly clean and restore the polish in your polished concrete floors. These powerful floor maintenance machines were designed to help boost productivity. Floor burnishers provide powerful high speed that is essential for surface cleaning and floor maintenance purposes. The unique mechanical design improves suction to the ground while it’s operating.

Avoiding Harsh Substances that can Damage Your Polished Floors

Now that you know what to do to keep your polished concrete floors clean and well-maintained, here are the things you should avoid:

  1. Do not apply wax on the surface of the concrete floor. It can cause abrasion and further damage the finishing of polished concrete. Additionally, wax can accumulate over time without you noticing. When this happens, removing the substance can also strip away the glossy finish of the floor.
  2. Do not stick adhesives on the floor. Sticking tapes and stickers on a polished concrete floor can cause irreversible damage when taken off.
  3. Always check the label of the cleaning agents you are about to use. Avoid those with high pH levels at all costs!
  4. During the first three days after the polished concrete floor gets installed, keep it away from any liquid. Exposure to any liquid without letting it cure completely can reduce its strength and durability.


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