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Concrete Coatings are Beautiful AND Reliable for Garage Flooring

Garage floor coating systems offer heavy-duty, long-lasting flooring ideal for high foot-traffic and heavy pressure areas like residential and commercial garages, as well as businesses throughout all industries. Presenting unlimited color schemes and patterns gives everyone the freedom to experiment with different designs to create original surface finishes. Garage floor coatings add life, as well as traction to your concrete flooring that lasts for an extended period.

The primary goal of industrial-grade floor coatings is to extend the lifespan of any concrete floor. These floor coating systems are composed of high-grade epoxy that is able to repel moisture, grease, and other contaminants that can infiltrate the pores beneath the flooring. Not to mention, implementing a floor coating layer can make any floor easier to clean up and maintain.

Overall, garage coating systems are professional and innovative flooring solutions that give ease to businesses and individuals around the world adequately achieving a reliable and aesthetic floor finish.

What Difference Do Floor Coating Systems Make on Your Substrate?

Regular paint is composed of a latex acrylic product, while some have a small portion of epoxy in it for increased strength and durability. Our garage floor coating systems, on the other hand, provide a thermosetting resin as a surface coating consisting of 100% solids epoxy. It is often a two-part substance that includes epoxide resin and polyamine hardener. While the epoxy provides durability, the hardener catalyzes this substance, ultimately creating a reliably smooth and seamless finish.

While typical paints are left to dry, epoxy garage coatings cure due to the combination of epoxide resin and polyamine hardeners resulting in a chemical reaction that triggers an exothermic curing process. The process involves the reproduction of polymer structures that are associated with the high-performance of this flooring solution. As the epoxy coating cures, it becomes thicker than paint and chemically bonds to the surface.

Garage floor coatings can be used in commercial and industrial buildings for the following reasons:

  • Garage floor coating systems elevate the appearance of any flooring without the stress of spending a significant amount of money.
  • These floor coating systems accelerate the integrity of hard floors, becoming much more resistant to spillage and surface stains.
  • Dirt and dust are much easier to clean-up with garage floor coatings.
  • Experiment with various color schemes, designs, and texture finishes for added style, strength, and dimension.

Options for Garage Floor Coating Systems

Although there are various products and manufacturers available in the market today, we acknowledge how overwhelming the search can get. It is imperative that you have a complete understanding of how garage floor coating systems work before investing in renovating your concrete garage floors.

Before we get into the different garage floor coating options, let us first discuss how these systems get installed. Initially, two portions of the wet film thickness (WFT) and dry film thickness (DFT) are involved. The coating layer is measured soon after it dries out and once again after. The measurement indicates the percentage of coating thickness that remains after the coating has finished drying. In other words, the difference between the WFT and DFT tells you the ratio of thickness lost during the drying process. Particular garage epoxy coating types can maintain 100% of the thickness since its application, and those often offer the highest quality.

For unparalleled strength and unprecedented beauty at a reasonable price, look no further! Garage coating systems are the most commonly found and applicable for both commercial and residential garage flooring applications. Below we will assess the different styles and finishes for garage floor coating systems:

1. Solid Color (Safety Colors) Epoxy Garage Coatings

There is something modest, yet quite fascinating, and undoubtedly beautiful about solid color epoxy coating floor finishes. Solid color epoxy coatings are also referred to as safety color or standard color epoxy coatings and offer individuals an affordable, fundamental approach to achieving simplistic beauty on garage flooring. The basic, yet pure outcome of solid color epoxy coatings gives ease to those who have a style preference that is not so busy and more straightforward. Also, the cost of solid color epoxy coatings is more economical for your pockets compared to other designer floor coating options, so if you prefer a frugal flooring solution then solid color epoxy coatings are the ideal solution for you and your garage floors. This classic floor coating system is cheaper due to a lesser amount of material being acquired however, that does not have any effect on the power within these floor systems. Solid color floor coatings are equally capable of fulfilling the extreme demand for surface strength and perseverance of concrete garage floors worldwide.

**PLEASE NOTE: Solid color epoxy coatings do NOT obtain UV stable characteristics. This means if your garage floors are regularly exposed to the sun’s radiation, they will yellow over time. You can easily resolve this matter by applying a UV-stable topcoat over your floor coating application.

2. Metallic Epoxy Garage Coatings

Metallic epoxy coatings are without a doubt the most popular, and most often selected epoxy floor finish amongst the other finish options. Installing a metallic epoxy coating on your garage floors will bring the entire room to LIFE with tons of mesmerizing swirls and movement in the surface that practically resembles marble and sometimes even granite surfaces. These fascinating metallic epoxy finishes create beautiful, seamless floors that are smooth to the touch. Choose between a matte or glossy metallic finish, based on your personal design preference. Metallic epoxy floor coatings can be used in residential and commercial garage settings to achieve the ultimate WOW factor for expected guests, potential clients, and neutrally your friends, and family!

**PLEASE NOTE: Metallic epoxy coatings do NOT obtain UV stable characteristics. This means if your garage floors are regularly exposed to the sun’s radiation, they will yellow over time. You can easily resolve this matter by applying a UV-stable topcoat over your floor coating application.

3. Glitter Epoxy Garage Coatings

Glitter epoxy coatings add dimension to your surroundings while captivating anyone with a set of eyes. The special effects that glitter epoxy coatings produce are remarkably bold and an exotic approach to upgrading your garage floors. Glitter epoxy coatings give people the ultimate freedom to express their glamorous side by integrating a burst of glitter flakes into the floor coating system. The application of glitter epoxy coatings brightens every room in any setting and is relatively easy to apply, so more people are catching on to this trend every day. It is important that you understand that these special glitters are NOT your standard shelf-bought or craft store type of glitter. Xtreme’s glitter flakes are industrial-grade and made of polyester, so their resilience is capable of withstanding the dense properties of epoxy coatings that may damage or melt standard types of glitter. Dazzle your life, be original, and live life boldly with glitter epoxy coatings for residential and commercial garage floors and commercial!

**PLEASE NOTE: Glitter epoxy coatings do NOT obtain UV stable characteristics. This means if your garage floors are regularly exposed to the sun’s radiation, they will yellow over time. You can easily resolve this matter by applying a UV-stable topcoat over your floor coating application.

4. Vinyl Flake/ Chip Garage Coatings

Vinyl flakes and chips are specially formulated combination blends that incorporate into floor coating systems. Vinyl flakes/ chip coatings achieve cutting-edge, high traction, and impact-resistant floor surfaces that are unlike any other conventional flooring option. Choose from a colorful assortment of vinyl flakes/ chips that enhance the ergonomic and aesthetic qualities of a resinous floor coating system to produce exceptional finishes. Xtreme’s combination blends can be custom selected so your aesthetic design is personalized and absolutely unique to you. Vinyl flakes/ chips are ideal for residential concrete floors, garage floors, retail floors, industrial floors, and commercial floors.

5. Polyaspartic, Polyurea, and Polyurethane Garage Coatings

One of the rising stars in the world of garage floor coating systems is polyaspartic, polyurea, and polyurethane garage floor coatings. These clear, topcoat finish coatings add an extra layer of protection to your surfaces. Although this is a high-end option, it provides a seamless flow that creates uniformity. It can be the most reliable choice for garage flooring with its unparalleled mechanical strength, UV stability, and resistance to corrosive chemicals. Additionally, this product is preferred because it can cure within a few minutes at a low temperature. The application can be effective in spaces with temperatures as low as -30F and as high as 140F, which means you can get it installed all year long. All you need is two to three coats to get the right formulation for your floor coating. You can expect to install your entire floor coating system the very same day, so you’re able to proceed with your regular operations as soon as possible. In comparison to epoxy coatings, polyaspartic, polyurea, and polyurethane flooring is thinner but more flexible. It tends to carry heavy pressure better and lasts as long, if not longer than epoxy floors.

How Expensive is it to Install Garage Coating Systems Myself Compared to Hiring a Contractor?

The average garage fits about two cars and is approximately 18’ x 20’ to 22′ x 22′, or 360 square feet to 484 square feet in diameter. This garage size is spacious enough to accommodate furniture, while housing vehicles comfortably. In a garage of these sizes, the approximate costs for installing a garage coating system yourself will range between $2 and $5 per square foot, which is extremely affordable. However, hiring a contractor to install the same types of floor coating system will double your costs. Simply put, DIY projects applying garage floor coatings to the entire space will average around $720 to $1,800, and that’s without the stress of hiring a pricey contractor. Applying multiple coatings can increase the durability of the floor so don’t hesitate to apply more coats. Make sure to coordinate with a reputable product distributor of garage floor coating systems, like the industry experts here at Xtreme Polishing Systems before you begin your next flooring renovation.

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