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The Best Cleaning Chemicals for Concrete Floor Surfaces

No matter where you are your concrete takes a lot of abuse, including concrete pavements, parking lots and driveways. Oil, rust, graffiti and heavy foot traffic are common forms of abuse that these foundations endure on a regular basis. Imagine spending your valuable time and money on renovations and home improvement and the end result still eventually end up stained. Xtreme Polishing Systems supplies a purposeful selection of Concrete Cleaning Chemicals designed for these floor maintenance issues.
It's extremely important to understand the extended variety of Concrete Cleaning Chemicals that are specifically designed to remove contamination and available for you to use, because ultimately obtaining this useful knowledge will save you a lot of time, money and effort.

Types of Concrete Cleaners

  • Alkaline Cleaners - Alkaline degreaser have a very high efficiency in removing grease and oil from the affected area. These Chemical Cleaning Products emulsify the oil, and with the help of hot water, it helps completely flush the oil away from the surface. These concrete degreasers are most often used to eradicate hydrocarbon based stains, grease and oil stains in concrete. Alkaline cleaners typically come as concentrates and are diluted with water. Agitation or scrubbing is critical for the surface to completely absorb the chemical cleaner, and ultimately deliver maximized results. Apply the concrete cleaner at full strength when dealing with older or deeper or stains, and dilute the concrete cleaner for newer, less stubborn stains that haven't penetrated the surface as seriously. Allow enough time for the chemical cleaner to fully absorb into the stained areas.
  • Acidic Cleaners - Stains, dirt, and contamination are soluble in an acidic solution. They are especially effective for removing efflorescence from concrete. Acids contain an active ingredient in which provides a ready-to-use, concentrated formula. They neutralize the concrete surface and can later be washed with water. After the application, apply scrubbing to ensure removing any stubborn stains.
  • PH-Neutral Cleaners - designed for removing stains from interior sealed concrete surfaces. They are typically concentrates that have to be diluted with water, depending on the level of cleaning required, or it can be saturated per the requirement, followed by scrubbing or light agitation. It can also be rinsed easily by water.
  • Enzymatic/Bacterial Cleaners - These are the newest types of concrete cleaners which use organic chemistry and active enzymes to attack, break down, and in some cases digest stains and contamination. These cleaners do not require water for activation, and therefore most of the times there is no residue left to wash away.