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Advantages of Having a Floor Scrubber Machine for Your Space

Are you a homeowner or the owner of a retail store, educational facility, or commercial building with a lot of foot traffic? The idea of having spotless flooring and maintaining appealing surfaces in your office or residence is always ideal.

In this article, we discuss the overall advantage and convenience of having a floor scrubber machine when cleaning your spaces.

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Any indoor facility can benefit from having a floor scrubber, especially those with heavy foot traffic. No matter what kind of flooring you may have, whether it is concrete, wood, tile, marble, or granite surfaces, a dirty floor can ruin the aesthetic appeal of any space overall. Hence; the sudden need for obtaining a floor scrubbing machine arises.

What is a floor scrubber?

A person is cleaning a concrete slab with a walk-behind Genie Magic auto floor scrubber made by Xtreme Polishing Systems.

The term “floor scrubber” refers to powerful flooring equipment that is designed to efficiently clean hard floor surfaces. As opposed to conventional mops, brooms, and brushes, a floor scrubber machine works magic by cleaning hard surfaces much more effectively while having the ultimate advantage of covering larger areas.

Even so, floor scrubbers are no longer just for commercial spaces and retail stores. Many residential owners have already begun investing in this innovative and practical machine. Floor scrubber machines are the ultimate cleaning solution for all your hard flooring needs.

Listed below are 5 reasons why this economical floor-cleaning device is useful for both homeowners and professionals alike:

1. The ability to clean more efficiently

Floor scrubbers spray a mixture of water and cleaner over hard flooring while effectively scrubbing the surface to remove dirt and grime with absolute precision, leaving a perfect shine on the floor. Floor scrubbers also do not leave behind unpleasant odors and streak marks on the floor or unpleasant odors.

2. Drying times are quick

Among other benefits, a floor scrubber helps the surface to dry faster. It may take some time for the floor to dry when you use a traditional mop and bucket. These machines feature a powerful vacuum mode that completely removes any leftover residue. That means this unit leaves behind a clean and disinfected surface that is fully dry. Wet floor times should be reduced significantly with a scrubbing machine since it does not require nearly as much water as a traditional mop. By doing so, you will prevent customers from slipping and falling, which could potentially result in a lawsuit.

3. A simple and easy cleaning process

Grease, grime, and dirt that are difficult to remove manually can be removed by this cleaning equipment. There is no learning curve to operating floor scrubber machines. No matter if you have a push floor scrubber or a ride-on floor scrubber, either one will require you to push it or ride it across the area you want to clean. With either type, the operator can clean a larger area in the same amount of time with less effort.

4. Maintainability and ease of use

Luckily, the use of a scrubbing machine for your floors doesn’t cost much. For ease of operation, the machines feature an intuitive console with switches and LED indicators. A non-rigorous cleaning regime does not predispose these appliances to premature wear and tear, so maintenance costs are low. A properly maintained appliance will perform at its optimum level for years to come, without breaking down.

5. Innovative floor scrubbing technology

There are several types of floor scrubbing machines available, each with a unique feature that helps businesses maintain clean floors. You can select from a variety of features to get the most suitable cleaning solution. It is wise to choose flooring based on the type of space you have.

XPS’ Genie Magic Walk-Behind Auto Floor Scrubbing Machine

A promotional banner for the Walk-Behind Genie Magic Auto Floor Scrubber by Xtreme Polishing Systems.

The Genie Magic is a durable floor-scrubbing device that is practical in today’s world of cleaning fanatics! This battery-operated floor scrubber is designed for most cleaning applications and facility sizes and is primarily used for floor surface cleaning. It combines a large cleaning path of 20 inches with a long-lasting battery and charger onboard. As a result, you won’t have to worry about moving electric cords or finding a charger once you’re done cleaning hard surfaces. This advanced flexible machine allows you to change the hard brush to a soft brush or scouring pad for carpets and wood floors. The Genie Magic floor scrubber is primarily used in commercial and residential hangars, kitchens, garages, basements, walkways, offices, showrooms, and more!

The small but MIGHTY doodle scrubber for residential use

The doodle scrub floor scrubber supplied by Xtreme Polishing SystemsEven though the Doodle Scrub is lightweight and a small floor scrubber, it packs a punch! The Doodle Scrub Floor Scrubber is a small-size floor scrubber machine available in cord or battery-powered versions. Featuring the same cleaning power as our bigger machines, the Doodle Scrub can reach into tighter spaces- perfect for bathrooms, edges, storage closets, and workstations. Weighing in at only 21 pounds, the Doodle Scrub is ideal for compact cleaning jobs, or to provide deeper detail when achieving routine floor cleaning. Stop using an old mop and bucket to reach around tight corners- let the Doodle Scrub compact surface preparation machine tackle it for you. 


When it comes to flooring, the best solution can be a scrubbing machine. Floor scrubbers are perfect for areas with a lot of traffic and staff who need to constantly clean floors. They are also amazing tools for homeowners who prefer that little extra shine on their floors.

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