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Is Epoxy Resin the Best Countertop Sealing Solution?

Unlock the secrets to stunning kitchen countertops with epoxy. Expert tips and installation techniques await!
Homeowners for decades have yearned for their dream stone countertops, but for many they remain out of reach. Whether its cost or hassle, stone is simply not an option for the majority of homeowners. So, what is left to do? If you want a stone countertop but can't get one, you aren't hopeless. This is where epoxy resin's found a new life, with epoxy resin countertops.
Epoxy resin countertops deliver on the many promises of stone countertops. Whether you're looking for strength or aesthetics, don't lose hope on your dream stone countertop - turn to epoxy resin!

What is Epoxy?

A metallic epoxy resin stone countertop mimic in a commercial space.

Epoxy resin is a chemical mixture specifically designed to harden & cure into one of the strongest sealing solutions on the market. Contractors know its beauty and simpleness, but in the past few years, the DIY market has fallen for epoxy resin too.
But, you might ask, isn't epoxy resin only good for floors and small DIY projects? No! It turns out it creates the perfect stone mimic countertops on a reasonable budget for homeowners.

Choose the Best Epoxy Resin for Your Countertops

Countertops aren't all that different from floors. For either application, your sealing solution needs to be strong, seamless and designed to last. Here's some of what you should be looking out for in your epoxy resin:
  • Self-Leveling Properties: Countertops need to be flush with their surroundings, and that means an even and leveled resin. Most epoxy resins are designed to self-level.
  • Scratch-Resistance: A traditional epoxy resin of good quality will guarantee no knife, dish or other sharp objects can make a scratch on your countertops!
  • Heat-Resistance: A kitchen is no stranger to bouts of heat exposure - make sure your epoxy resin's graded for heat resistance well.
  • Epoxy Quantities: Measure out the total space and volume of your project. A standard epoxy resin kit should be enough to cover a countertop space, but it would be disastrous to find yourself on the job needing more epoxy resin than you expected. Measure twice, pour once!
  • Project-Specific Epoxy: Do you need to make a deadline? Or maybe your countertop is in a commercial kitchen, and it needs that extra touch of strength. Either way, evaluate your project needs, then choose your epoxy resin based on that.

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Xtreme Polishing Systems is your one-stop-shop for any epoxy resin & concrete information or resources. Our online shop delivers anything from DIY epoxy resin kits for small projects to concrete grinders built to handle the largest industrial warehouse floors.


Install Epoxy Countertops Like A Professional


Every contractor has the capability to move on to the next level with Epoxy Classes' certification program. From floors to countertops, you'll learn everything you need to know in just five days. But, if you're just looking for help on a one-time DIY countertop renovation, here's some helpful advice:

Application Process

  1. Surface Cleaning - Perform a basic vacuum and light mopping of the surface.
  2. Surface Profiling - Evaluate the surface where you'll be applying the epoxy resin. If it seems too smooth or too rough, grind/polish it until you get the desired profile.
  3. Surface Repair (if necessary) - If there are significant exposures, cracks or other deformations in the surface, perform small repairs before installing the complete system.
  4. Epoxy Application - Pour your preferred epoxy resin solution over the surface, accounting for any spillage and aiming for your desired thickness. .
  5. Cure the Epoxy - All done! Let the epoxy resin sit undisturbed for anywhere between 4-48 hours (depending on your epoxy resin solution). Read your product's manual to determine your cure time!


Don't settle for hopelessness over an unattainable stone countertop. Not only is epoxy resin a perfect solution to get that desired stone look, but it actually outperforms stone on a few key metrics. Whether you contact a professional to install your countertops or you go the DIY route, let us be your guide into the world of epoxy resin countertops!

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