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Choosing the Best Garage Floor Coating System

Let's start by asking: what is the best garage floor coating? This is a loaded question. Many garage floor coating companies claim their products or systems are the best. However, that is not always the case.

There is no easy answer to this question. Do you have a lot of repair work to do on your floor? How was the concrete surface prepared? Did a diamond grinder or a shot blaster take care of the preparation? Which finish would you prefer, decorative chips or solid colors? Are you considering metallic epoxy?

Choosing Garage Floor Coatings with Caution

Thankfully, there are high-quality garage floor coating materials for buyers. However, when it comes to applying garage floor coatings yourself rather than hiring a company, DIYers should know the difference between high quality and poor quality. Many flooring companies make ludicrous claims about these types of materials, which tends to mislead consumers.

Listed below are a few claims you should take caution to when purchasing garage floor coatings:

  1. "There is no need to prepare the concrete before applying the epoxy coating." - This is a major red flag, and quite frankly, it is absolute nonsense. A reliable garage floor coating finish depends entirely on how well the surface is prepared prior to application. No matter how you intend to use your garage floor, whether you plan to park your car there or not, it is imperative that you prepare the surface so the material can bond properly. Choose a trusted supplier for these materials with extreme caution or your garage floor application may suffer.
  2. "We guarantee our garage floor coatings will not peel up, even under hot tires." - This has certainly been proven otherwise over time. This claim naturally does not make sense in believing that you or anyone in that matter has such control over the endless possibilities or elements that could affect it. This is especially true when considering the various conditions your surfaces are likely to face over time. How the floor coating materials are prior stored, surrounding atmospheric temperatures, the product mixing methods, and overall how the material is applied are all factors that could alter these beliefs. Always remember, there is no probable way suppliers can guarantee anything, besides maybe some compensation for a defective product.

Our Top Recommendations for Choosing the Best Garage Floor Coating System

While some vendors may claim that they use the highest quality products, our extensive experience in the field and thousands of garage flooring jobs completed have proven otherwise. Here at Xtreme Polishing Systems, we use only the highest quality floor coating systems that are low-maintenance and formulated to provide surfaces that are beautiful and durable.

Below are the primary reasons why our garage floor coating systems are considered the best choice for your surfaces:

  1. We supply epoxy flake and mica chip floor coating systems which are considered to be among the most reliable and by far the most popular garage floor coating options to choose from.
  2. Our extensive collection consists of a colorful array of epoxy flake and mica chip combinations.
  3. Once combined with a polyaspartic topcoat, Xtreme's epoxy flake and mica chip floor coating systems are formulated to fully seal and protect your garage surfaces.
  4. Xtreme's garage epoxy floor coating systems protect your surfaces against harmful UV radiation, harsh chemical spills, wear-and-tear due to heavy foot traffic, and hot tire marks.
  5. We also supply a large collection of solid color pigments, metallic epoxy, and glitter epoxy coating systems perfect for creating unique, one-of-a-kind garage floor finishes.
  6. Although our epoxy color pigments may be used in garage settings, they do not provide UV resistance. Therefore, you should only choose these finishes if you apply a protective polyaspartic topcoat over them.
  7. Xtreme's garage floor coating systems are excellent when having to fix the damage on your surfaces. Our professional epoxy and concrete repair products are sure to assist you in mending any existing inconsistencies such as chips on the surface or cracks in the substrate.
  8. Our garage floor coating materials are very durable to adequately cover any garage surface while also being sustainable. To easily restore the appearance and surface condition of your garage floor coating, just simply recoat using compatible a topcoat. The process of recoating garage floor finishes is commonly performed annually.


If you have started to notice how much wear and tear your garage floors have endured over the years, it may be time you give them a facelift. Make sure you know what makes a professional garage floor coating last before you head to the big-box home improvement store. The experts at Xtreme Polishing Systems will help guide you when buying high-quality and performance garage floor coating systems!