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What are the Benefits of a Racatac Kneeling Cart on the Jobsite?

Safety hazards are something in which we cannot ignore. It has quite literally become a viable part of life, especially in the workplace. So what are some of the most common job site safety hazards associated with the concrete flooring industry, and how can you avoid them while on the job?

In this article, we will discuss how you can prevent major bodily injuries as well as discomfort while working hard on a job site. What safety gadgets do you keep on your job site?

Working Hazards and Job Site Solutions for Concrete Substrate Work

More often than not, working on job sites for any industry will entail some level of physical, or strenuous labor. The more physically demanding a job is for us, the more likely we are to experience different kinds of bodily discomfort and pain resulting in you getting injured. You must harbor adequate tooling, supplies, and equipment to ensure utmost comfort when working on a job site. The goal is to work in a safe and secure environment while remaining comfortable so you can achieve the most efficient, effective, and beautiful concrete finishes.

The professionals at Xtreme Polishing Systems have a real understanding of the toughest site conditions and different working requirements because we have personally been at the forefront of many job sites. That is why we are committed to supplying the most laborious industries today, particularly concrete flooring, providing the products and tooling made specifically to ensure your ongoing effectiveness and maximum comfort while on the job and also to help you avoid injuries.

Construction sites are a hotspot full of potential risks and dangers. And no matter how cautious a worker is, they can still get hurt. Thus, it is so critical that we reduce as many risks as possible. When working at ground level necessitates kneeling or squatting, gadgets that relieve stress on the knees, ankles, and lower back can be quite beneficial. These devices can also help to prevent stooping by making kneeling at ground level more comfortable.

The Racatac Kneeling Chest Support does that. Here’s how:

The RACATAC Kneeling Chest Support

No other knee pad gives the ergonomic and physical benefits that the RACATAC does. It got created with the flooring installation profession in mind, but it is quickly becoming the most sought-after tool for any industry that requires kneeling regularly.

The Racatac Kneeling and Sitting Creeper with a 3-inch Caster & Chest Support are fully adjustable and composed of a comfortable dual-density foam connecting and disconnecting in seconds. Both the seat and chest support can get adjusted by angle, height, and movement, supporting your back and legs while you work with both hands in any posture.

In a kneeling or sitting posture, the 3-inch caster type is 1-inch higher off the floor, allowing your feet to move at a significantly faster rate. You may use this model on rough terrain, and it even allows you to move fast in a lateral position, making it great for edging, grinding, and polishing jobs. Moreover, the fully adjustable seat provides upper body support instead of resting back on your heels, allowing your feet to direct your movement.

The chest support is made of super-soft dual-density foam and is entirely adjustable, capable of connecting and disconnecting in a matter of seconds. In addition, both the seat and the chest support can be adjusted at different angles and heights and sliding on a rail from front to rear, allowing people to work with both hands while their back and knees are strongly supported.

The Benefits of Racatac Kneeling Chest Support

The Racatac Kneeling Chest Support offers a wealth of benefits and advantages, such as the following:

  • You can use it to reduce squatting and stooping postures and improve kneeling comfort. Compared to kneeling on hard surfaces, the kneeling creeper’s padded surface lowers contact force on the knee and provides comfort.
  • This tool avoids the necessity to squat when working at ground level, significantly minimizing the risk of getting a knee or back injury.
  • Workers can move around more freely while staying close to the work surface, thanks to the low-profile casters.
  • The knee creeper’s chest support decreases spine loading while kneeling, increasing comfort and lowering muscle and joint stress.
  • Because mobility is improved and discomfort gets minimized, worker productivity may keep improving.
  • Kneelers with wheels assist when working in uncomfortable or demanding postures. They help avoid significant muscle and joint injuries by reducing stress on the knees and lower back.

How the Racatac Kneeling Chest Support Works

Besides the wealth of benefits that the Racatac Kneeling Chest Support offers, workers also enjoy its ease of use. More specifically, here is how it works:

  • For starters, workers sit on the seat or kneel on the knee holders while conducting operations at floor level by positioning themselves on top of the kneeling creeper.
  • Some kneeling creeper versions include chest support that the worker can lean on while working at low levels. When kneeling for lengthy periods, the chest support relieves pressure on the spine.


The Racatac Kneeling Chest Support was safely designed and constructed and maintained cleanly and reliably. It fits comfortably which encourages worker use by far. Not being equipped with the proper tools can seriously make a difference between being safe or being in danger.

The Racatac Kneeling Chest Support offers a wealth of benefits to workers, especially those who work at low levels and are getting up close to the substrate beneath them. Ultimately, the Racatac Kneeling Chest Support is one of the many instrumental factors in reducing construction site accidents by allowing workers to take a comfortable yet workable position that reduces stress on joint parts.

We offer a plethora of construction machinery, and flooring equipment, ​We offer a plethora of construction machinery, flooring equipment, and concrete tooling designed to address your concrete flooring needs. ​Xtreme Polishing Systems makes the job site a safer site with a team of experts and a state-of-the-art line of products and equipment. Contact us today to learn more about the variety of products and solutions we offer for injury prevention.