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What are the Advantages of having Non-Slip Floor Coatings?

If you are considering using epoxy resin coatings on your concrete floors, you may be concerned about the potential chance of slipping and falling when the surface gets wet. Nobody wants an unsafe floor in their homes and businesses, however if you are using epoxy coatings there are solutions to prevent slips and falls.
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How Does A Non-Slip Coating Work?

Since epoxy resin coatings are non-porous, the floor cures as a completely smooth surface that is similar to a sheet of ice. To create traction, there is a special material that can be dispersed directly into the coating mixture called a Grip Traction Additive. This special material is commonly used to improve traction coefficients and will dramatically increase the durability and abrasion resistance properties. You can also choose another coating system like a polyaspartic, urethane, or polyurea application which typically incorporates flakes, chips and quartz, creating an extremely slip resistant surface. Even though this uneven surface is not as slippery, you may still need to include a Grip Traction Additive.

Tips For Installing Non-Slip Epoxy Systems

When applying thicker epoxy coating systems, such as 100% solids epoxy, you pour the additive in ribbons across the floor. The epoxy resin will naturally begin dispersing the material on its own. You then use a roller and roll it out evenly. Some people prefer to sprinkle the additive into the top coat of the epoxy system. However, this can be an issue when trying to achieve an even distribution throughout the application and it can become lumpy and uneven in some places. Ultimately, adding a non-slip additive into a floor system like epoxy resin will create a durable and non-slip surface. This surface is still smooth to the touch, so is not rough on your feet. Even so, it still protects you from slipping even if the surface does get wet.

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