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The Importance of Industrial Vacuums for Safe Working Conditions

Dust is among the most common byproducts of any production company. Although dust particles are usually invisible to the naked eye, they pose significant health risks. A few of these health risks include allergic and hypersensitivity reactions, bacterial and fungal infections, lung scarring, and other pulmonary diseases, which are even more serious dangers that are perceptible by sight.

Companies inclined in the Construction Industry are among companies that produce a considerable amount of fine dust. Remarkably, floor machines, such as floor grinders, scarifiers, and shot blasters, are among the greatest dust producers during the floor preparation and coating process when using materials like cement, marble, wood, gypsum, and stone. Although companies usually provide their workers with protective equipment, dust slows the workflow and is still a serious health hazard among the working personnel. Ergo, it is a must to control this dust problem at its source.

What is Concrete Floor Preparation? 

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Concrete floor preparation is the process of preparing concrete surfaces before refinishing or resurfacing the concrete to have a shiny appearance, look clean again, or subject to being covered with a decorative finish. Many contractors half-heartedly do or tend to neglect this tedious, time-consuming task.

By now, veteran contractors might know that it would be better to prepare concrete surfaces for coatings, overlay, stains, or repair materials on its onset than deal with the wealth of consequences of overlooking it. Additionally, you must also specify time schedules and the acceptable levels of noise and dust. Other factors that are often overlooked in the specifications, such as the time for concrete to dry or the required moisture level if the water used in the cleaning process, must be considered and covered.

Industrial Vacuum Systems for Fine, Hazardous Dust

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The ideal solution for the fine dust problem rooting from work equipment is an industrial vacuum system. Solid machinery such as an industrial vacuum is made to be robust with a very high filtration capacity and crucial aspects for achieving efficient dust extraction while preventing vacuumed dust from returning to the working environment. It is important to consider the following things when choosing an industrial vacuum system to obtain optimal working capacity:

  • Filtration and cleaning system. H14-certified absolute filters (HEPA) and filter cleaning systems are salient to ensure maximum performance and product safety.
  • Proper handling and disposal of vacuumed dust.
  • Compactness and transportability. the units must conveniently be transportable, even in small vehicles (minivans and vans).

What is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)?

OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) continuously works to eliminate dust at every workplace, particularly one that poses serious health hazards – silica dust. Silica is microscopic dust hidden inside visible dust clouds as a byproduct of concrete and masonry work. Prolonged and consistent exposure to silica dust can lead to lung cancer or other deadly respiratory ailments.

As OSHA regulations tighten, surface preparation fleets expect to adapt and comply. Aside from customer safety and profitability, companies offer high-quality vacuum systems for compliance. Additionally, offering industrial vacuum systems with optional HEPA filters allows contractors to broaden their services and cater to more sensitive environments, such as hospitals, schools, and food facilities, where clean air is crucial.

When working in public areas, masons and landscapers can ensure the public’s safety when using industrial vacuum systems. Aside from this, labor costs are also reduced with the constant pick-up that vacuum systems provide. More specifically, renters appreciate rental companies who offer dust-control initiatives because they:

  • Adhere to and meet OSHA standards.
  • Allow contractors to broaden opportunities.
  • Keep citizens safe by keeping the air clean.
  • Reduce labor costs.

The Dynamic Duo: Industrial Vacuum Systems and Surface Preparation Machines

Xtreme Polishing Systems thrive by providing the right tools for the right jobs. Although choosing the right tools can get tricky, one can never go wrong with industrial vacuum systems. Dust control ports usually fit with surface preparation equipment at every joint of removal. There are also built-in dust shrouds and vacuum ports specifically for floor grinders, polishers, and large ride-on floor machines. Aside from their dust-control function, these ports also indicated the need for another, perhaps more giant, dust-control machine — a vacuum.

Industrial vacuum systems are among the most valuable and flexible must-haves. From tasks as basic as carpet removal to deep aggregate grinding, industrial vacuums are up for most jobs. However flexible, it is vital to link the correct industrial vacuum system with the suitable dust-producing surface preparation machine. ​

Although vacuums share a common goal, when it comes to preventing dust from spreading, not all dust collection systems are created equal. For one, there is a vast difference between industrial vacuum systems and residential shop vacuums. It is a common misconception that residential shop vacuums can and is enough to control the dust byproduct of surface preparation equipment. In reality, large dust production created by surface preparation equipment almost always clog a residential shop vacuum, thereby spreading dirt to workspaces and eventually damaging the unit’s motor.

Moreover, residential shop vacuums also fare lower than industrial vacuum systems when it comes to safety. Unlike residential shop vacuums, industrial vacuum systems are designed for larger dust outputs and have silica-capturing filters.

Xtreme Polishing Systems: A Leading Supplier of Industrial Vacuum Systems

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We recognize the severity of wearing protective gear on the job site while utilizing the most advanced safety equipment in the market to ensure security for laborers and field workers. However, when you’re on a job site for extended periods of time your body is exposed to harsh working conditions that require more than just simply wearing gear. Conditions such as poor air quality mean that the surrounding air becomes filled with dangerous contaminants like dirt, debris, and most importantly silica dust which is very dangerous to our bodies if accidentally inhaled.

Nonetheless, removing super fine particles like silica dust, debris, and other small contaminants is not going to be easy. Any unmanageable conditions can overtake the entire workspace, causing your health to experience negative effects over time. Furthermore, these conditions can make it nearly impossible to function properly, slowing production rates, and in turn impacting a business’s entire operation. The demand for highly efficient and powerful dust collection equipment is critical for creating a safe and secure working environment while enhancing daily production. Our units are workhorses, built to help you to breathe easy again when working on the job site. These vigorous dust collection systems are designed with a forceful suction, so it carefully collects, secures, and eliminates dirt irritants, allergens, and combustible silica dust more sufficiently.

At last it’s time to make a difference in your field of work by improving safety conditions with our heavy-duty, effective, and flexible dust collection systems and industrial vacuum cleaner solutions, designed specifically for heavy-duty dust collection. We provide powerful and practical industrial vacuum systems for all your dust extracting needs! For more information and to better address your “dusty” problem, coordinate with the experts at Xtreme Polishing Systems today.

Dust Control

Dust Control - Ready for extraction. Anywhere.
  • Dust Control Tromb 400L – our most powerful 110-volt dust extractor to date. Designed to cope with the demands for a clean and healthy working environment as well as effective handheld power tools. This dust extractor also enables the user to work without unnecessary interruptions. This vacuum system is powerful, robust, effective, and versatile, and able to handle extremely fine dust and materials created on a construction site caused from cutting concrete, sanding, grinding, or drilling floors or walls as well as dust from other industrial factory processes. This system can be connected to floor grinders and handheld tools and its compact design are also easy to move and transport.
  • Dust Control Storm 600 – has a three-phase direct driven turbo pump that is suitable for continuous operation and heavy material transport, source extraction, and cleaning. Used for big handheld power tools and heavy-duty cleaning on construction sites. The dust extractor is suitable for two smaller handheld power tools or one larger tool, such as a floor grinder, with a disk of up to 30”/750 mm. This machine has both front and rear handles so for better ergonomic the handles are adjustable and the cyclone can be tilted for easier filter exchange and has a new more efficient HEPA filter with a larger filter area.
  • Dust Control Storm LPG – designed to cope with the demands for mobile, on-the-go work environments. Equipped with propane or electric handheld power tools which are more effective than ever. Designed for use on large grinders, polishers, shavers, early entry saws, and semi-mobile systems. This vacuum system is powerful, robust, effective, and versatile and is able to handle fine dust and materials created on construction sites from cutting concrete, sanding, grinding, drilling, and other types of dust from industrial factory processes.

Pullman Ermator

Pullman Ermator Dust Extractors
  • Ermator S26 HEPA Dust Extractor – a powerful dust extractor suitable for applications involving fine dust including plaster, building, grinding, and concrete dust. Equipped with Jet Pulse filter cleaning, a few Longopac 20m plastic bags, and tested/ certified HEPA filters. The wheels are off the non-marking type, puncture-free, and lockable at the front. Also designed with a vacuum meter and hour counter for filter control.
  • Ermator S36 HEPA Dust Extractor – built with three large, commercial-grade vacuum motors that supply more than enough power to handle any mid-size planetary floor grinder. What makes the S36 truly unique and unmatched in the concrete grinding and polishing industry is the quantity and size of its massive filters with over 50-Sq Ft of media, constructed in a cone shape to reduce filter loading.
  • Ermator T4000 HEPA Dust Extractor – one of the newest members of Ermator’s T-line and features a large pre-filtration surface with long-lasting suction power and low filter cost. Individually tested and certified HEPA filters provide a safe environment for the operator and other job site workers. This machine can handle building, grinding, and concrete dust because it’s equipped with a fine filter (flushable) and H13 filters which meet the asbestos requirements. An hour counter and vacuum meter for filter control are supplied as standard. The wheels are non-marking, puncture-free, and lockable at the front. Supplied fitted and complete with cleaning equipment and transport protection. The high water lift secures high suction power to small and mid-size, low voltage concrete grinders, scarifiers, saws, and shot blasters.
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