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The Difference Between Planetary and Rotary Concrete Floor Grinders

Being that concrete is naturally a low-maintenance and durable building material, it is capable of providing a global industry with the option to choose an economical and lasting flooring alternative. Nowadays, the demand for concrete flooring has absolutely skyrocketed!

Concrete floors have particularly become increasingly favored amongst industries of a very wide variety. This mostly includes industrial warehouses, manufacturing plants, retail stores, educational institutes, commercial establishments, a variety of different types of small businesses, and even throughout your residential communities!

Concrete floor grinders are essentially built as very powerful pieces of equipment. These robust machines are designed to assist flooring professionals during the most critical step when refinishing concrete floors. That is called the process of surface preparation.

Take time to recognize the wide variety of machines available to you, which may depend on where you are located. It also helps to understand what features each machine model contains so you can learn what actually separates one unit from the next.

What are the different types of concrete floor grinders?

The two commonly known types of machines are called rotary floor grinders and planetary floor grinders. Though, these models both share some qualities.

What are the similarities between rotary and planetary floor grinders?

To start, these units can perform top-notch concrete surface preparation. Also, rotary and planetary floor grinders are designed to achieve high-performance field results. They have impressive abilities to smooth, level, and polish concrete surfaces, and are made to remove thick surface coatings. This typically includes carpet adhesives, floor paint, tile glue, mastic, and other types of floor coverings that may still exist on a concrete slab.

Although both of these machines share similar qualities and features, they are indeed very different models. 

What are the main differences between rotary and planetary floor grinders?

Traditional rotary floor grinders are heavyweight which helps speed up the preparation and floor grinding process. There is also no need for belts or pulleys when using this type of concrete floor grinder. 

Planetary floor grinders are flexible and lightweight so they are easier to maneuver and designed to move in a straight line across the concrete. Planetary floor grinders are ideal to use for lighter projects.

Final thought: Please consider extreme safety measures

The experts at Xtreme Polishing Systems highly recommend that you proceed with utmost caution if attempting to handle this type of large-scale equipment, especially alone. We also recommend NOT handling this kind of equipment if you are unfamiliar with this type of fieldwork. This is industrial-grade professional equipment and heavyweight so it should be handled by a skilled operator at all times.