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Keeping it Clean with Residue Dust Shrouds

Usually, when we use angle grinders to cut or grind, the entire place ends up getting covered in dust, making the whole cleaning and maintenance ordeal seem like a never ending battle. Thankfully there are specialty tools and machines that help reduce dust, one in which is referred to as dust shrouds for angle grinders.

What is a Dust Shroud?

A dust shroud is like a chamber that is built around the abrasive, helping capture the dust particles that are being generated by construction; this being done with the assistance of a vacuum. Dust shrouds are supposed to seal around the base, however if the vacuum is turned on, it becomes suction-like which could lock the shroud, and that could be dangerous. A dust shroud for angle grinders is ideally used by moving over the designated areas of dust that you're aiming to collect. The process is simple, just switch it on, and move in or around the place where you want to begin. You will begin to see the concrete floor grinder cutting and the dust shroud efficiently removing the dust, leaving you with a floor that is smoothed and beautifully polished. The shroud is specifically designed so a vortex of the moving air removes almost 95% of the dust that is being generated.

Advantages of Dust Shrouds

Contractors in the field and those whose profession uses dust shrouds for angle grinders for extraction of dust, dirt and debris get to take full advantage of the wonderful health benefits. Silicosis of the lungs can be reduced or prevented just by using a dust shroud.

Dust shrouds for angle grinders typically come in two sizes; 7" and 4" depending on the size of the angle grinder and are designed to work easily and efficiently, getting as close as 1/16th of an inch close to the wall, without having the need for a removable edge piece!