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Garage Floor Remodeling: 4 Ways to Transform Your Garage Floor Surfaces

Maybe you have lived in the same house for a long time and have seen your garage floor’s durability and appearance deteriorate with time. Or perhaps you have just moved into a new home, and you notice that you built the garage floor with the absolute minimum in terms of durability and aesthetic appeal.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, there is no better time than today to consider boosting the level of garage floor protection in one of your home’s busiest rooms. Most homeowners struggle to decide which direction to go when sprucing up a garage floor because many alternatives exist.

In this article, we discuss the importance of protecting and transforming your garage floors and the top four surface techniques to make it happen.

The Importance of Garage Floor Protection

Garage Floor Remodeling: 4 Ways to Transform Your Garage Floor Surfaces | Xtreme Polishing Systems

Concrete garage floors, without question, take a beating.

They get exposed to dirt and dust, grease, automotive fluids and domestic chemical spills, hot tires, and road salt, in addition to normal vehicle and pedestrian activity. Furthermore, rain and snow also transport moisture into garages. Temperature changes also strain a concrete floor, which compresses when it gets colder and expands when it becomes hotter.

That is a lot of wear and tear on your flooring.

With so many items in your daily routine potential of inflicting wear and tear on a garage floor, it only fits to give the flooring in such a busy home space the protection it needs and deserves.

Top Garage Floor Protection Options

The following is a list of three garage floor protection alternatives that homeowners frequently turn to when improving their garage floors:

Polyaspartic Floor Coating

A Polyaspartic Floor Coating is considered the best garage floor protection option out there. This high-performance concrete floor coating gets made of professional-grade components that skilled professionals apply with the help of specialized equipment to provide long-term flooring protection. Polyaspartic coatings penetrate deeper into the concrete than most cheaper garage floor protection treatments, which create a less effective topical surface bond.

This coating creates a stronger foundational bond with the concrete strengthening the concrete’s fundamental link. By strengthening the concrete’s fundamental link, the floor becomes impermeable against water, chemicals, and other elements that can cause floor damage. 

Garage Floor Remodeling: 4 Ways to Transform Your Garage Floor Surfaces | Xtreme Polishing Systems

Polyaspartic floor coatings withstand damage from impacts and abrasions, chemicals, and permanent markings left on the floor by “hot tire pickup” thanks to their robust topcoat. Your garage will produce a little less dust since a decent floor covering does not wear down as quickly as bare concrete. On top of reducing dust, any dust that has accumulated as a result of normal wear-and-tear on the floor will be barely noticeable.

Before the protective topcoat gets sprayed with polyaspartic floor coatings, decorative colored flakes get scattered across the floor. This addition hides dust and gives your garage’s interior a decorative touch.

Garage Epoxy Floor Coating

If you have considered improving your garage floor protection yourself, an epoxy floor coating do-it-yourself kit is what you will need to get. Garage Epoxy Floor Coatings are widely available in home improvement stores. Their box advertising promises that their product will perform wonders on your garage floor and boasts about how simple it is to use. All of this is promised at a fairly low price, making it a popular choice among many.

The problem is that, while epoxy coatings can provide adequate protection for your garage floor while also upgrading the room’s décor, they fall well short of polyaspartic coatings in terms of how the coating appears and how well it protects your garage floor. When compared to professional-grade polyaspartic coating materials, any epoxy coating kit’s materials will be inferior.

Any coating product involves extensive preparation of the floor surface, appropriately mixed materials, and application of the materials within a specific time frame. Temperature and humidity conditions must be considered while applying epoxy and polyaspartic floor coatings. Epoxies, unlike polyaspartic coatings, cannot be applied in extreme heat or cold.

There is not much room for error in the floor coating procedure; otherwise, you will end up with a visually unappealing finished floor that does not provide total garage floor protection. You will also have to revisit your garage flooring project sooner than you want for touch-ups or a complete overhaul.

Because polyaspartic floor coatings require more knowledge and specific equipment to apply effectively, professionals often handle these jobs and cost more. Keep that in mind the next time you see a low-cost epoxy flooring package.

Vinyl Flake/Chip Floor Coating

Vinyl flake/chip flooring is used as an enhancement system for epoxy flooring. A variety of epoxy flakes and chips are available to give you the chance to create a unique and stunning garage floor. Why settle for dull concrete flooring when you can have an attractive work of art, one that’s complete and a fraction of the price?

Garage Floor Remodeling: 4 Ways to Transform Your Garage Floor Surfaces | Xtreme Polishing Systems

In contrast to regular epoxy flooring, vinyl flake/chip flooring is UV resistant. In either case, they will not ever amber (yellow tint) when exposed to direct or strong indirect sunlight if they are applied in a garage epoxy coating and then clear coated with a UV stable polyurea or polyurethane.

Using colored flakes to hide imperfections in the concrete is also popular. In cases where your concrete floor already has spider cracks or small chips, epoxy can be applied to halt the process.

Polished Concrete Flooring

Another potential alternative for your garage floors is to utilize polished concrete as a flooring solution. Polished concrete immediately improves your concrete garage surfaces.

Any space will be enhanced by polished concrete floors. There are countless business owners and residents in the world who are looking for flooring systems that are both durable and affordable. If installed correctly and maintained conventionally, this flooring can last for decades without needing frequent repairs.

Garage Floor Remodeling: 4 Ways to Transform Your Garage Floor Surfaces | Xtreme Polishing Systems

In addition to being maintenance-free and visually appealing, polished concrete floors offer many benefits. The flooring option does not contain volatile organic chemicals or VOCs. In essence, this is a very environmentally friendly floor option. Compared to the matte finish, the gloss finish offers increased ambient lighting, giving you the opportunity to brighten up your garage without spending a fortune on new lights.

Other aesthetic flooring options that remain popular among homeowners are:


There is no better place to be yourself than in your own home or commercial space. It is about how to show your creativity and who you are, either as an individual or a company. Being able to take your flooring up a notch and never settling for boring speaks volumes about your personality.

Whatever your vision for your Garage Floors may be, Xtreme Polishing Systems got you covered! When it comes to your garage, you should definitely consider upgrading your surfaces to enhance and totally transform the look of your garage flooring for years to come.

When the right conditions are met, epoxy garage floor systems provide immediate flooring solutions while still being extremely cost-effective. These protective floor coating systems can be applied to residential and commercial garage floors as well as corporate buildings, industrial manufacturing facilities, large-scale warehouses, and commercial kitchens.

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