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Everything you Need to Know About Concrete Floor Resurfacing

Concrete floors are the top industry choice for a range of applications throughout the years. It offers unparalleled durability that can withstand heavy impact from high foot traffic or machinery. It is likely that you only need concrete resurfacing to repair the surface without spending thousands of dollars.

There are many things that you need to consider before fixing or replacing your concrete floors. The first thing that you need to do is to research all of your options. This research can help you determine whether replacing your old concrete floor would be the most viable solution for your situation. It is likely that you only need concrete resurfacing to repair the surface without spending thousands of dollars.

What is Concrete Floor Resurfacing?

Everything you Need to Know About Concrete Floor Resurfacing | Xtreme Polishing Systems

As mentioned above, the most common culprits to damages on concrete floors are heavy foot traffic and impactful machinery. You need to consider other factors when determining the deterioration of the slab surface and structure. These factors include:

  • Although the typical lifespan of concrete floors is around 20 years, they can be worn out sooner without regular maintenance.
  • Excessive exposure to liquids that penetrate beneath the concrete floor’s surface can result in mold and bacterial growth, compromising the flooring’s foundation.
  • Extreme fluctuations of temperature can also affect the structure of concrete floors.

Concrete features materials that make it one of the most durable flooring solutions in the market today. This flooring type can last for a long period as long as it is well-maintained and regularly cleaned. As with any flooring, this can also deteriorate at some point, but it does not mean that you need to replace it right away. Concrete resurfacing can bring your floor back to life and limit tripping hazards and accidents from occurring.

Everything you Need to Know About Concrete Floor Resurfacing | Xtreme Polishing Systems

The process of concrete floor resurfacing involves a thin overlay combined with special bonding agents. The mixture is spread across the existing concrete to create a smooth surface while filling any existing holes. Curing takes about 24 hours to ensure that the mixture adheres to the concrete and dries stronger and more durable.

Why is it Important?

When it comes to renovating concrete floors, a little maintenance goes a long way. Although concrete flooring is known for its strength and durability, it does not mean that you can get away not cleaning it for months. The longer tiny blemishes in a concrete floor go unnoticed, the more problems they can cause later on. These small blemishes can create bigger issues that are often irreversible and more expensive to treat.

That said, it is integral to also take time to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of your concrete floors. Regular inspections are also important to make sure that arising issues get addressed immediately. Taking immediate actions to improve your concrete surfaces can help prevent further problems from escalating.

Here are five important factors about the concrete resurfacing industry and why it may be worth it:

1. Almost Anyone with Concrete Flooring Requires Concrete Resurfacing at Some Point

Instead of replacing the concrete floors altogether, concrete resurfacing is the most economical solution to upgrading the surface appearance and performance. Most commercial establishments and homeowners that utilize concrete floors would prefer this solution since it would cost them three times less than the latter. From the garage floor, basement floor, patio, or pool deck, concrete resurfacing takes care of old surfaces concealing damages. While saving money on additional materials and labor, can bring back life to your concrete floor.

2. The Process of Concrete Floor Preparation is Easy

It isn’t too difficult to perform concrete resurfacing. This process facilitates self-leveling, which should not take an extensive amount of time and effort. One can improve the surface in a day or so, depending on the floor plan’s size. Instead of ripping out the old concrete surface, clients would prioritize as little downtime as possible and consider concrete resurfacing. That said, it is always recommended to get a complete understanding of the finishing method you are attempting to achieve prior to starting the process.

3. Explore Various Designs and Colors to Produce Beautiful Finishes

Everything you Need to Know About Concrete Floor Resurfacing | Xtreme Polishing Systems

Concrete resurfacing gives you the freedom to explore plenty of design and color options. You may prefer a change of ambiance with a marble-like design to create a finish that is unique and aesthetically pleasing. Or something much simpler such as a solid color finish. The design possibilities or endless! In other words, customization of concrete floors is within arm’s reach, making it easier to adhere to the design and atmosphere that you envision. It is all done without the added cost of expensive floor removal and replacement!

4. Improve the Integrity of Concrete Floor Surface

Everything you Need to Know About Concrete Floor Resurfacing | Xtreme Polishing Systems

Concrete floor resurfacing consists of highly durable materials and poses great resistance to any form of stains and corrosion. It does elevate not only the appearance of concrete floors but also improves the integrity of their surface. This process can conceal cracks and even the tiniest imperfections to make your concrete flooring good as new. More importantly, concrete resurfacing increases the lifespan of flooring extending its supposed longevity.

5. The Concrete Resurfacing Market is Increasing Because it Accelerates the Value of Homes

Everything you Need to Know About Concrete Floor Resurfacing | Xtreme Polishing Systems

More and more people are looking for concrete resurfacing services to increase the value of their homes. Without spending so much money, this flooring solution transforms and improves the structure of the concrete floor. Many homeowners and business owners find this worth the investment considering that it can conceal cracks and repair damaged concrete floors, making them good as new. Concrete resurfacing can also implement non-slip coatings to prevent tripping hazards and make the floor resistant to slip-and-fall hazards. Not to mention, the freedom to customize the concrete floor is a bonus to elevate the ambiance of any space.


Above all, concrete resurfacing is worthwhile considering its myriad benefits. Here at Xtreme Polishing Systems, we provide flooring solutions that are ideal for both your budget and your situation. Our goal is to ensure that your resurfaced concrete floor offers unparalleled strength, durability, and performance!

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At Xtreme Polishing Systems, our team of experts understands that concrete can variate in properties, therefore each slab must be treated differently. We also know how common it is for those unforeseen complications to occur after hours while still on the job site. It is crucial to have immediate support for achieving beautiful concrete finishes.

Whether you’re a professional contractor or a do-it-yourself type of person, our top-of-the-line concrete product supply and industry expertise are available to anyone. Our pros are here to discuss all your project concerns to assist you every step of the way, from START to FINISH.

Questions? We would love to hear them! Our professionals are readily available to answer all your questions and to provide you with concrete knowledge and industry expertise in the overall preparation and completion of a concrete floor project. Shop Online or Call (877) 958-5732 for all your concrete flooring needs!