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Concrete Genie Floor Grinder: Proof that Small Machines CAN Get the Job Done!

The method of easing down rough concrete surfaces to reveal a flawless and polished surface is called concrete grinding and polishing. This procedure generally requires further use of heavy-duty concrete floor grinding machines and diamond-impregnated segments or grinding/ polishing discs that imitate sturdy sandpaper. The discs are promptly replaced with thinner grits during the concrete grinding process to achieve a high shine or smoothness.

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The concrete polishing process is essentially the final stage of the concrete grinding process, using the finest grit polishing pads, or floor polishing disks to produce a high shine finish. Various polishing compounds, also referred to as concrete chemicals can be added at the final stage to help officially seal and protect the surface which also gives the floor more luster. Concrete grinding and polishing, especially when combined, may produce a smooth, striking finish that could even replicate polished marble!

The Basics of Polishing Concrete

Concrete polishing is closely related to sanding wood. Concrete surfaces are ground down to the perfect degree of shine and smoothness using a mechanism fitted with diamond-segmented abrasives (similar to sandpaper). You steadily advance from coarse grits to smoother grit abrasives, much as you will be sanding wood. (In this instance, grit refers to the diamond’s particle size.) The end effect is a gleaming, mirror-like appearance.

Professionals may use water-based and dry-based processes to finish concrete. Although both can have their advantages, dry polishing remains the most popular process in the industry today because it is quicker, more convenient, and environmentally safe. Water cools the diamond abrasives and removes grinding dust during wet polishing. Water extends the life of polishing abrasives by reducing friction and acting as a lubricant. Cleanup is the most significant downside of this process. Wet polishing generates a substantial volume of slurry, which crews must gather and try to get rid of responsibly. There is no need for water when dry polishing. Instead, the concrete floor equipment connects to a dust-containment device that collects almost all of the debris. Solid machinery such as an industrial vacuum cleaner is powerful and is built with a very high filtration capacity to achieve efficient dust extraction while preventing vacuumed dust from returning to the working environment.

Moreover, it is essential to provide the same kind of concrete equipment and surface prep tooling on the edges as you would do on the main area of the floor when it comes to edging. You risk having less texture and visibility on the edges, as well as a lighter or even darker look on the edges relative to the rest of the floor, not done otherwise.

What is the Concrete Genie Floor Grinder, Polisher, Edger?

The Genie Concrete Floor Grinder is a multi-surface concrete floor grinder, polisher, and edger in one unit. This flooring system is a high-capacity concrete floor grinder that’s perfect for builders who like to get it done quickly. The Concrete Genie grinding machine is ideal for removing coatings from concrete, terrazzo, and natural stone surfaces, as well as grinding and polishing them. When conditions differ considerably from job to job, most vendors report smooth grinding that allows them to get near the wall.

The Genie Concrete Floor Grinder is a single-phase 220v grinder that is efficient enough for experienced contractors but easy to operate and manage for most. This three-in-one concrete floor grinder, polisher, and edger will grind, clean, and edge concrete floors. This machine is designed for specialist builders and requires the highest quality and requirements on the market for grinding, finishing, and edging concrete. It will remove inadequacies, remodel, and restore concrete flooring. When adjusting or assembling equipment, Xtreme’s grinding discs make for simple and fast handling. The tools get mounted in customized cuts with a quick touch, and they are in place with a light press.

What are its Advantages?

Concrete grinding and finishing for commercial and industrial floors offer a range of advantages. Concrete grinding and polishing are long-term sound investments because of the many benefits that finished concrete floors have.

  • Can Last a Long Time: Polished concrete floors have all of the advantages of standard concrete, as well as increased longevity. Polished concrete floors are durable and will not rust, chip, or deteriorate, especially in high-traffic environments. Grinding and polishing concrete often reduces the need for sloppy waxing and resurfacing.
  • Low Maintenance: Concrete floors may be ground and polished to make a long-lasting surface much more durable than vinyl or stone tile. Other than brushing or mopping to clear dust or dirt from the soil, polished concrete floors need minimal cleaning. Polished concrete floors can also have to be refinished around 5 to 10 years, depending on traffic, to maintain their luster and elegance. Even so, this procedure is simple and does not necessarily involve many interruptions.
  • Cost-effective: Concrete grinding and polishing will provide a stunning finish that looks like stone or other more expensive materials. However, concrete grinding and polishing are simple and inexpensive instead of the construction and cost of different flooring options.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Every kind of concrete will benefit from grinding and polishing to bring out its natural elegance. Furthermore, when added to a hunk of polished concrete, concrete stains may mimic the appearance of elegant polished stone such as marble or granite. With no inspection or repairs, polished concrete will have a sleek and luxurious feel for the longer term.
  • Sustainable: Concrete grinding and polishing is a low-maintenance and long-lasting flooring choice. This sustainability is due to various factors, like the minimal environmental problems caused throughout the construction and the flooring’s long-term durability, instead of the construction and cost of different flooring options. Furthermore, polished concrete’s ability to increase indoor climate is achieved through the process of minimizing or removing dust, mold, and mildew.
  • Provides a clean finish: Grinding and polishing concrete floors produces a high-gloss, light-reflecting finish. Also in big offices, mines, or plants, this may result in a cleaner atmosphere and lower electricity expenses.

Showcasing the Concrete Genie Floor Grinder 


Suppose you are polishing concrete floors or fitting them for an epoxy coating, micro-topping, paint, or overlay. In that case, you can be sure that you will have a good, smooth, and sturdy concrete floor in which you and your customers can be confident when you use the Genie Concrete Grinder, Polisher, and Edger machine.


At Xtreme Polishing Systems, our team of experts understands that concrete can variate in properties, therefore each slab must be treated differently. We also know how common it is for those unforeseen complications to occur after hours while still on the job site. It is crucial to have immediate support for achieving beautiful concrete finishes.

Whether you’re a professional contractor or a do-it-yourself type of person, our top-of-the-line concrete product supply and industry expertise are available to anyone. Our pros are here to discuss all your project concerns to assist you every step of the way, from START to FINISH.

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