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Concrete Cleaning Solutions for Stubborn Stains

Interiors are equally as important as our exteriors. We have to maintain our own living environments in order to maintain a healthy and stable lifestyle, both physically and mentally. If you have concrete as your flooring foundation then you already have one of the greatest advantages when having to manage a clean and stain free floor surface.

Personal Benefits for Concrete Cleaning:

  • Lowers stress and fatigue
  • Maintains physical and mental health
  • Kill bacteria/ germs
  • Reduces allergy and asthma symptoms
  • Improves the quality of indoor air
  • Enhances the aesthetics of home
  • Upgrades overall lifestyle
  • Concrete surfaces tend to accumulate dust or dirt particles rampantly. Though maintaining your floors on a regular basis is a tedious process, it cannot be overlooked. This regular maintenance can be easily achieved with an economical concrete cleaning solution.

Cleaning chemicals for concrete help remove stains caused by food, oil, spills or other substances. Xtreme Polishing Systems supplies variety of popular brand name concrete cleaners that readily available for you. Xtreme also supplies the best concrete cleaning chemical on the market to date called Xtreme Clean Concrete Cleaner, a unique cleaning product that combines cleansing action with Colloidal Silica. It adds extra protection to the concrete surface while it cleans. It is recommended as part of regular floor maintenance for maximum value. Xtreme Clean Concrete Cleaner is available in 32OZ, 1G, 5G and 55G buckets.

Although water itself seems to clear away dirt and dust, concrete cleaning chemicals are specially designed to prevent your concrete floors from contaminating and staining and it is absolutely recommended to use a concrete cleaning chemical when attempting floor maintenance. Periodically cleaning your concrete floors will extend the life expectancy of your flooring foundation while implementing stunning beauty. Once the cleaning process is completed, the outcome of your newly cleaned concrete is absolutely stunning.

Concrete Cleaning Methods

Various cleaning methods for concrete have stemmed overtime, depending on which foundation type (floors, countertops, etc.) and there's a different procedure needed for each one.

  • Concrete power washing is a process in which oil from garages, parking-lots, and other concrete pavements are removed from the surface. Alkaline cleaners are a preferred chemical option for this application method. Alkaline Cleaners or Concrete Degreasers are applied to eradicate oil, grease, or other hydrocarbon-based stains in concrete, breaking down the oily contamination. Other usages for these concrete cleaners is to neutralize concrete areas after acid cleaning or acid staining. An important advantage of alkaline cleaners is that they are extremely affordable!
  • Concrete cleaning chemicals are typically concentrates that are diluted with water (depending on the intensity of the stain). It is advisable to put the cleaner on the stain for a considerable amount of time before scrubbing the concrete cleaner on the desired stain (scrubbing maximizes results). Sometimes, even multiple applications could be applied, considering the kind of penetration your desired stain needs. Once finished, wash away with clean water and re-apply the concrete cleaning chemical until the stain has completely vanished.